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Is Convenience Killing Us?

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This is a topic that really has  hit home to me lately. We are a country of convenience and whatever is easiest is what we do regardless of the consequences. And most people are quick to take advantage of them because they say it saves them time. My question has always been “saves time for what?”  Seems like all the people with all the conveniences are still rushing and complaining of not having time to do anything.

We have apps on our smart phones that tell us everything. Who needs to think anymore. We have food that you pop in a microwave and cook it in minutes and we have fast food places to go grab a sandwich. Few people even cook anymore.

We have cleaning supplies that are supposed to make cleaning easier, hair products that are supposed to make our hair look beauty parlor perfect and sprays for everything from weed control to deodorants.

We have medicines for everything and OTC drugs we can buy at ease. We have permanent press clothing which by the way is made possible by formaldehyde, air fresheners that actually say on the bottles if you have breathing issues to not use. If they bother someone with COPD something tells me they could bother normal folks and kids. Our gas alert actually goes off if we spray some of these air fresheners.

We have a food industry that does not care about our health as long as people will buy it and it is easy. Did you know sugar or a sugar product is in everything we eat including in salt. It is listed as glucose or lactose and used to keep the salt from clumping. That is…all except sea salt.

And while organic food is available, most people buy the already prepared or quick to fix because it is “convenient” and yet it is loaded with preservatives and chemicals and salt and sugar. How is a diabetic actually supposed to be able to keep track. Try reading your labels and you will see sugar is in almost every product that we eat. My son and I both have gotten into reading labels and he looked at me one day and said  “why is sugar in hotdogs?”

We wash our clothes with manufactured laundry detergent, use fabric softener either in liquid form or the sheets and all contain chemicals. We wash our dishes with dish washing detergent that is full of chemicals and we wash our bodies and our hair with shampoo and body wash or soap that is full of chemicals. And then we wonder why there are over 25 million people sick with chronic illness from toxic things in our environment.

We have started going back to basics. We use sea salt and olive oil. We do not use artificial sweeteners and very little sugar. Son is learning how to make our cleaning supplies with ingredients that are not so toxic and our shampoo and soap. And son cooks with organic foods and is growing some of our food.

Do these things take longer. Yes, but we decided that our life was a higher priority than running out to eat or to movies or anything else that is really a luxury. I truly believe that all these conveniences are slowly killing us and making us vulnerable to the diseases out there. We are taking supplements to help build our systems back up and replace what all the chemicals around us take away. And we are doing exercise and eating healthier. It took me all my life to realize how much toxic was in my world. I wish I had caught on sooner for I might now be in better health.

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