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small simply danLreneAs I look around the world I have no illusion left about why so many people have no values. Values are taught. They are not something we catch along the way like a virus. We learn values from those around us.

Whether we like it or not, we are a role model for someone somewhere. It may be the neighbor next door, the child down the street, the shop owner in town, people who know and people we never know for everyone watches. If you do not think so, take a look at all the smart phones that come out when something bad is happening. Fights can be going on and someone being beaten into the ground and no one stands up to stop it. They are all too busy filming it to put on YouTube.

The fact that people film and not help says a lot about the lack of values in our country. From the highest down to the lowest there is a general decline of values. How can we aspire honest people who are filled with integrity and honor to political office if many of the ones in office now are not? If values were a virus, I would say spray the world and infect everyone.

I think the downfall came when schools were told they could no longer teach values which was an important part of the curriculum. Teaching values when I was a teacher was about teaching honesty, integrity, doing what is right even when no one is looking, helping others who are hurt and had lessons for it. Some people protested and that was removed. Considering that children spend more time in school than they do with their parents during the week, this took a lot of the basic concept from them.

And then I look around and see parents who send their kids outside to stay all day to play. Who is teaching the values then? It is the kids down the street, the other parents whose houses children go into for a drink or a cookie and even strangers on the street? Children are always watching and they learn very quickly. If they see someone stealing and nothing happening to them, they learn that stealing is ok. If a parent says one thing but does the opposite, guess which one the child picks up?  You are right. They will learn that you do what Mama or Daddy “does” not what they “say”.

The scary part is that by not teaching children values we have the problem we have now with a lot of children when they reach their teens and up not knowing what values are. And so they go out and do things they should not do. Bullying happens, lying happens, not helping someone in trouble happens, stealing happens and we have a group of children that have no idea how to live a life with values.

And now for the part that is the scariest. This is where our future leaders come from. So, what will we have? We will have many politicians that lie, cheat, steal, have affairs, refuse to help the people who voted them in and a total lack of morals. Wait, wait….we already have that in many areas of politics and that means that this problem has gone on for a long time.

One person can not go out and change the world but we can change what is in our families and in our community just by the example we set. If we have good values, people will see it and maybe someone who needs to learn the values such as honesty will see you one day doing something that shows you are honest such as giving money back to someone who dropped it. Or perhaps they will see you standing up for what is right even when no one else does.

Many will say “I can not change it so why bother.”   And that is what has happened for years as parents get tired of fighting with their children to make them do right or fighting with the age-old guilt trip that comes from not letting a child go to a party because “everyone else is doing it”. Giving up on teaching our children should not be an option. The truth is that one person can not change the world but if we all started using our values…all were honest, filled with integrity, stood up for what is right even if we stand alone, refused to give in to the mainstream idea and stood to our values firmly, then we might change the world around us.

I hear many say they do not want to be a role model. Older than dirt wisdom has shown me we are a role model whether we want to be or not so why not be a good one.

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