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Are Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health In Harmony?

Many people have become very health conscious and are exercising and watching what they eat to try to get their lives back into harmony. Some really read labels and begin to see all the toxic things used in our foods and that is great. Our physical health is extremely important if we are to live a healthy life but there is more to our health than just the physical. There is the spiritual and emotional part of our health too. Son and I have worked on all three in our lives and the change has been wonderful. Does that mean all my health issues are gone? No, but it does mean that I am living with these things in greater harmony.

Some people focus on the spiritual life. I do not mean religious life but your spiritual life such as the your values that you use in living in the world, and with the harmony you have in life because you are at peace with your actions. It is a core system of your beliefs of what is right and wrong, what is good and bad and how you integrate that into you life. I am a spiritual person…not religious for that is man-made with man-made rules.

I am a Christian but if you want to tell me what to do as far as Christian you better be ready to show me in the King James Bible where it says it because my faith is between me and God and what is in that Bible. I believe in doing good to others and in helping others and have found that what I give out, whether it be in money, time or things comes back to me in amazing ways.  I believe we are here on this earth to help others and that is a purpose for me. That is part of my foundation. And that purpose is what I get up everyday working towards.

I find some people do not even realize how important it is to take care of your emotional health. Mention a therapist and they will either go ballistic and get angry or they will go one time and swear they are cured or they will not go at all. I went to a therapist and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. No, going to a therapist does not mean you are crazy. Going to a therapist helps you sort out things that are causing you emotional upset and work through them and then learn to live in that harmony we all want. Going to a therapist means that YOU do the work more so than the therapist who is there to be a guide on the journey. Many think if they go an hour a week, then that is it until the next week. It is like they think going that hour is the magical cure and invest nothing in working on their own emotional health.

I have people message me whose lives are like the roller coaster rides at the carnivals…up, down and all around  and want to lay their problems on me. I am not a therapist and I do not mind listening to someone who needs to vent a little about something going on in their life but when they want to vomit it all out all over me and then take no accountability for their own troubles and do not want to work on things to make it easier, I am done being a listening board. One minute they are so happy and almost like a manic high, the next minute they are so sad or mad, the next they are just an emotional wreck.

Our emotional life depends on us taking charge of what is around us and drawing boundaries to keep out that which is stressful and hurtful for it is a choice to be around it until we can learn to deal with it. It means learning to look at your problems, learning to see where your own part is in the problem and how you can make the problem better. This does not mean that if you set a boundary you are saying you hate the person you make a boundary about. It means that you love them but can not be around them when they are acting a certain way.

Many will say “Oh, God will take care of it.”  And God does but He expects us to do our part and be in charge of what we do or do not allow in our lives. God has given us many talents to live our lives by and it is up to use them. And I believe that is why sometimes people say “God did not take care of this or that” and that is because they did not do their part and make the choices to bring ourselves into harmony. And in today’s time there are so many that live in constant disharmony and do not realize that they have to be the one to make the changes.

Our lives, physical, emotional and spiritual, are all like a bicycle tire with spokes in it. If one spoke is missing, the tire wobbles and bumps all over the place. If part of our life is not in harmony,  our lives wobble and bump all over the place. Fixing only one part will not make the wheel run smoothly. There comes a point when people should realize the things that need working on and start to mend all of themselves and if need be with a person helping them like a therapist. It is important that we look at all three parts of our health…the physical, the spiritual and the emotional… and keep the spokes all in place so that we are not bumping down the road wobbling all over the place.

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