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Has The World Lost It’s Moral Compass?

small simply danLreneI was asked to write about this and I pray I can do the topic justice. It is something that I have been part of a few discussions about lately and has to do with what we see on social media, on the news and the internet all the time. Sometimes I just have to turn off my television, turn off the internet and stay away from people because I just can not handle all the ugliness.

The question I was asked to write on is “Has the world lost its moral compass?”   Seriously, just look around at what you see plastered on FB, on the media, on the television, on the news and the sad thing to me is that YES, there is a lot of loss of moral compass and it is not all just the evil people or the ones that abuse, kill, hurt, attack, verbally attack, steal, and hurt others. There is an undercurrent of ugliness that is in those that act all offended by something that someone in the other category has said or done.

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From the highest offices around the world down to the lowliest person in the world we see corruption. We see it in the churches (which are institutions), we see it in the Scouts, in the school systems, in politics, in the industries that supply us with the basic things we need such as food, in the military branches around the world, and in just the general populace. And I sit here wondering what happened and when did it become so bad.

I have watched all the videos on the Magdalene Laundries run by the Catholic convents around the world and my heart breaks for those children whose parents, the Catholic church and government put in these horrible places.  I feel for those children who believed they were so worthless that they must live the rest of their lives doing hard labor to be worthy to get into heaven. I feel for all those babies whisked away and adopted illegally into homes and the birth mother had no idea where they went. And this sounds like something from the 1800’s and yet the last Magdalene Laundry closed in 1996. And what breaks my heart even more is all those women who went into convents because they said they loved the Lord and wanted to serve him and who believed they were doing what they were supposed to do. How can loving God and saying you want to dedicate your life to him go so wrong?  Where did their moral compass go? Here is a link to all the documentaries if anyone wants to watch. If you look on the right side there is a whole play list of the movie and documentaries.


Playlist by brunettesmurfette72

I look around at our poor vets who have not gotten the care they need and are having to use food stamps to feed their families. How do those in charge justify this?  Men and Women who put their lives on the line for our country and are not being taken care of and are being treated wrong. I will say this much, Shinseki who resigned on National TV and apologized and said he was so sorry and took responsibility redeemed himself to some extent with me because of that public resignation. At least he had the morals to realize what was happening was wrong. He found his moral compass.

video by PressTV News Videos

Eric Holder, when the break came about Fast and Furious, when he refused to allow an independent investigator to investigate him about the Fox News Reporter whose records were taken and implication of being on the wrong side used to get the subpoena, and the NSA spy programs infringing on our privacy rights were made public…. refused to resign. Lois Lerner, involved in the IRS targeting Tea Party groups refused to testify or to resign They both have lost their moral compass to do what was morally right.

I read news sites online and watch you tube videos and read the comments from people who say they are standing up for others and I am shocked what people say. There is name calling, attacking, threats, putting a person’s phone number and name out on the internet and endangering the lives of people and their families and all because they want to “stand up” for whomever the article is about. This behavior is no better than what the original person did that was considered so bad.  The internet and social media makes it easy to say whatever you want without any thought of the consequences or any accountability. Where has the moral compass gone?

 I see those chronically ill being mistreated by the system, not being taken care of, denied help, and struggling just to hold on. And I see people working in these programs to help the disabled/chronically ill and the elderly mistreating those that are sick or elderly. I see  reports of children being abused physically, sexually and emotionally on the news all the time and seems little is done for them. Where has the moral compass gone?

Just take a look around the world and see all the animal abuse going on, all the slaughters of wild animals without any regard for what it will do to the environment. Take a tour sometime and see where our food comes from especially the meats and see the torture these animals go through. Some are standing up trying to make it right…trying to find their moral compass. But much work needs to be done. These are living creatures that are being treated like trash on the ground and we are eating them. And for those that abuse pets and kill them, they are killing a living being. Where did the moral compass go?

Take a look at all the people starving, all the wars going on and poor children and mothers and families that are being destroyed. Take a look at the seniors being abused, the babies that are thrown away because the mothers did not want them…found in trash cans or dumpsters. Take a look at the people who are lying and stealing just because of greed, people who will look you in the eye and lie and those that will follow people, crying out that they are perfect and follow blindly and never use their brains to see if what is going on is right or wrong. Take a look at what is playing in movies, in books, on electronic games, on television and see the example that is being set for the children coming up. Where is the moral compass?

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And last but not least…take a look at people’s attitude about those poor, those sick, those needing help, those who are not as educated as others, those who are struggling to survive and their stories end up in the news and people’s attitude shine through as harsh, judgmental, hateful and vengeful. Where is the moral compass?  Where is your moral compass? Where is my moral compass?  And are we willing to stand up for what is right even if we stand alone?

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