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True Beauty or Physical Beauty?

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This video is especially poignant to me because people tend to judge others by how they look and this is especially true for how people judge those disabled and/or chronically ill. Truth is we need hugs just as much as anyone else and probably more so. Watch how people will go up and hug this young man while he is in a bear suit and they can not see him but when he is not in the bear suit, they ignore him and he is still the same person they were hugging earlier.

video by Jung von Matt Limmat

In a world where plastic surgery, beauty, creating the Barbie and Ken image of distorted perfection there seems to be a skewed view of what real beauty is. I have seen people who were without a blemish, every hair in place, perfect bodies, perfect face and yet, from the eyes, the heart and soul there was not one drop of inner beauty and it showed. The eyes held no compassion for others, no love for others…nothing.

I wrote my blog yesterday on had the world lost its moral compass. It says a lot that people would run up all day hugging this young man in a bear suit but when they saw the real him who is disabled and not physically perfect….no one would give a hug. Is the world that fickle? Is everything about beauty? It must be because if you look at all the ads they are about beauty products, the most stylish clothes, makeup, etc.

Some of the most beautiful people in the world to me were flawed physically but had the most beautiful souls I had ever seen. Their expressions, their love and caring, their laughter, their hearts all shone brilliantly with real beauty so strongly that you never really saw their physical deformities.  And yet, if you were to see their picture on the internet or in the news, I believe the comment section would be filled with such things as how ugly they were or comments on their physical attributes in a negative way.

I remember a friend once telling me when I sent her a picture of me standing holding on to my crutches and she replied what a great picture it was of me. She had been to my house before and knew I was disabled. But the most touching thing was when I said it would be a pretty good picture if I did not have those crutches and she replied that she had not even noticed the crutches. She said she was too busy looking at me and my smile and how happy I seemed. That was the greatest compliment she could have given me because I want people to see me and not my disabilities.

For months now I have been on two different RA treatments and have lost a lot of hair. It did not bother me because I could tell the treatment medicine was helping my pain and mobility. Two days ago I received a wig from a sweet friend in the mail and it was long dark hair like my hair used to be and so I put it on. I looked in the mirror and it was so emotional that I got teary because I was seeing me physically again after so many months of seeing this head that looks like the mange.

Even though I had grown accustomed to the way I looked, many had not and at first I felt ashamed and hid my head under caps. Then I started taking what hair I had left and pulling it up like a ponytail would be but making a bun out of it. You could still see loads of bald spots through the hair and the sides were almost bald totally. But, I was proclaiming my inner beauty over my outward looks. I am curious to see how many notice the hair when I wear the wig on my trip to the little church on Sunday. I can almost tell you the ones that will not notice at all because when I have commented on all the hair I have lost they looked at me and  said they had not noticed any hair loss. They see me…not my physical attributes just like the friend who did not even notice my crutches in that picture.

I see a trend where outer beauty is more important than inner beauty and authenticity. A trend where people copy those in the Movie/Music industry no matter how ridiculous it is. A trend where things have become “ME, ME, ME”  and people do not care that others are suffering or doing without. And it saddens me to see this. I see young people who have goals of wanting to be on a reality show acting like an idiot just to have money and have fame.

I remember the days back in the deep south where the real rednecks live and a handshake was as good as any document you could get. If someone told you they would do something, they did it. If someone needed help, they went and helped them. No, not everyone was physically beautiful but they sure had beautiful hearts. I believe in making yourself look nice but I have never been a trend follower nor someone who spends thousands of dollars on beauty products, face lifts, tummy tucks, boob jobs etc. I want people to see the me that lives inside this disabled body and not some plastic me. I am a one of a kind and do not want to be a clone of all the Hollywood stars. What about you?

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