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In The Still Of The Night

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Sometimes late I night as I lay in the dark, with only the light of my monitor beaming out around me like a comforting blanket, I feel like I am secure in this little nook of serenity. Tonight, on a return trip from the bathroom, I took this picture because as I sat in my chair looking at the light glowing, I realized that this was my special spot and where I found that special energy to continue fighting.

There is something about the darkness that hovers around me and around my bed with the light right there in the center, just on me and part of the bed as I lay there watching videos or reading on the internet. It is really ironic as I used to hate the darkness and now it feels like this comforting layer that hides so much.

I do not see all the sickness or the toil sickness and disability have taken on me. I do not see the oxygen, nor all the other medical devices in my room. I actually do not even see that I am in a hospital bed or that my room looks like a hospital room. I do not see people looking at me judging my health. I do not see any of the world…just my little safe and comforting nook where I can lay here listening to the hum of the fan and hear the tinkling of my wind chimes as the fan blows and I can talk softly to the one who created me and share my fears and tears and my joys and blessings.

I feel the gentle breeze come across my bed and ruffle my hair as if the Creator had gently touched my head. It is a time of complete solitude and complete peace and it restores me for the next day. This is when I spend my time talking to my Creator and telling Him all the secrets of my heart that I share with no one. Amazing how easy it is to talk, even in your head, and say things you would not say in broad day light because we are a society that fears judgment.

And with luck, after a while, I will drift off, still with the soft glow from my monitor highlighting me and the covers and still with the hum of the fan and the tinkling of the wind chimes and I will sleep…per chance to dream of beautiful things. I will sleep in this special nook feeling safe and secure and know that while I am alone….I am not alone.

My son says sometimes he comes to my door to check on me during the night and he will see me lying there sleeping with the light around me. He says it makes him think of moonlight shining through a window. And he says he can tell when I am sleeping peacefully for I am totally relaxed in my little nook.

The world is so full of rush, rush, rush and of want, want, want that people seldom find the time for that stillness and quiet or for a time for reflection. Many are uncomfortable with the quiet because then they are faced with their own choices in life. And people do not like self assessment.

Everyone needs a moon draped corner of the world surrounded by darkness that comforts and soothes so that the things of the day can be sorted and dealt with and the peace of the night can envelop them with the comfort of that special spot in the universe where they know they are safe. I wish for you all a special nook that brings to you serenity so that you can face each day.

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