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I used to love going to the mall and just sitting and watching the people around me. It was interesting to watch those that seemed to run from store to store, thing to thing, person to person and never seem to settle down and actually see the world around them. My first thought was how do they even enjoy life when they are running like a distracted child from place to place.

This is a great example of running from thing to thing and missing the things that are important. I see people do it all the time. They throw away the important people in their lives running from one to the other to get that instant self-gratification and then lose the ones that stood by them. My youngest son was about five and at an Easter egg hunt and he was so excited that he ran around so quickly an grabbed eggs and threw them in his basket and they bounced out the other side. He ended up with no eggs at the end of the hunt and fortunately a kind teacher took him and helped go around and gather a few eggs so that he was not totally with none.

Sometimes I think on social media, people do that. They jump from friends to friends” filling whatever need they have at the moment. They might have had really good friends when they started but after the good friends are pushed aside all the time, they will drop away from this particular friend.

I wonder if it has to do with maturity or with an insatiable need for attention. I really do not know but I see it a lot. People have friends, get mad and dump them and move on to someone else. Maybe it is the inability to really have a close friend. I have no answers. All I know is I see people missing a very important part of life because they are too busy focusing on all the golden rings they want to catch and are missing the real golden rings already in their lives.

No matter whether it is people, places, things, money…whatever the attraction is that pulls some people to run from this to that to that to that, I believe it costs people a lot in the long run. I learned a long time ago that the most important treasures in my life were those I loved and that had stood by me. I have met many people in my life but they do not replace what I know is secure and trustworthy. Anything other than my loved ones is secondary. You can lose your home, your car, your possessions…anything material but when you throw away someone who loves you….you will never regain it again as it was.

My father loved to trade vehicles and never seemed to have the same vehicle until the latest years. And I would hear him at times say how he wishes he had this or that vehicle back. But when you trade things off, they are gone. We will always trade-off some things in life. People trade-off their old house for a bigger, better house. The same with their cars and their jobs and their clothes for the newer, in-style clothing and their computers and Ipads for the newest of the technological devices.And yet many will say “We were so much happier when we lived back in that little tiny house and were working for our dreams. But we continue trading off things. No feeling will ever measure up to how we felt when we got our first home or our first car or our first job.

I think when we trade-off those that love us for new and more exciting or for whatever reason, we are losing something that we can not replace and the new will never be what the old was. When someone loves you, accepts you as you are, stands by you and defends you….you can never replace that with a substitute and have the real thing. But many in the world is greedy and want all those flash in the pan excitement feelings trying to measure up to that feeling they had with the real deal….only it is never the same and never enough. That is why people jump from thing to thing, person to person, etc. They let go of the feeling they had when they got the original and want it back so they start jumping from this to that to find it again.


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