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small simply danLreneWe all need and want to fill like we have a purpose in life. As I once read, we may not can change the world but we can change our corner of the world even if it is just ourselves. I feel everyone has a purpose. Some aspire to do great things and others aspire to just help. If we all aspire to inspire others to just be, we have done something.

Google says :
  1. direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.
    “we never thought that we might aspire to those heights”
    synonyms: desire, hope for, dream of, long for, yearn for, set one’s heart on, wish for, want, be desirous of;

Whether we want to be or not, we are all role models, albeit reluctant role models. Someone is always watching. It may be people we know and it may be perfect strangers. It is always our children and those close to us but people who may see is in passing still look at us and learn from our actions. It can be good things they learn or bad things.

I believe we should all aspire to inspire others, to lift others up and help them find that place that makes them want to keep going; want to change something in their world or the world in general; want to stand up for something even if it is standing alone.

When we aspire or have hopes and dreams, then we are working towards something and that gives us motivation to get up each day. My blog is my motivation and when I have sick times like of late where I miss doing the daily blog, I feel like I am not fulfilling my dream.

I aspire to make my life better and I am doing that along with son by changing our stress level, by simplifying our lives, by changing our diet and supplements and getting away from processed foods. And I hope by doing this, I inspire someone else to take control of their life and try to change it where it is better and they have more peace and harmony.

I have found that by helping others, I help myself. It takes my mind off my problems so that I do not become someone that talks about my problems to anyone and everyone that will listen. It also helps me see that there are others worse off than I am in life. That does not diminish what I have wrong. It simply means that it could always be worse and so I choose to focus on the positive.

I aspire to inspire. What simple words and yet from the day I started this blog that is all I wanted….to touch just one person and lift them up or inspire them to keep going in life. When someone writes me and tells me that they were uplifted by what I wrote, it lifts me up so much.

So always aspire…aspire..hope….dream…work towards doing things that inspire others for when you lift others up, you will lift yourself up. We might not can go out and change the world, bring peace to the world, solve the problems of those starving or orphaned but we can change things in our little corner even if it is to change our own lives. And once we do that, we can move on to help someone else change their life.

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