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Life is so hard and we make so many twists and turns and have to make so many decisions that sometimes we wonder if we are doing the right thing.  I had a friend tell me that they were doing something to help someone but were miserable and cried almost every day about doing it. And so these are “older than dirt wisdom”  things that I learned along the way. Does not make me right but might help someone as the plod along the rough journey called life.


Only our Creator knows when we will die. We will not die a day sooner or a day later, so leave the dying to the Creator , to our God and focus on living.

Making Decisions

Making decisions requires five things. It requires you to listen to  God, to your head, to your heart, to your head again and finally listening to God again. Our hearts are wonderful things but sometimes they make us make decisions based on guilt, pity or some other emotion and then we find that we are miserable.

How we are made

I love this expression for it is so true. We were created with TWO ears and ONE mouth. I believe the intent was for us to listen twice as much as we talk. And because we only have one mouth, make what goes in and comes out be extremely gentle and easily digested.

Standing up for what is right

It is so easy to be passive and ignore the tragedies and wrong doings going on daily. We can not change the world but we can change what is in our corner of the world, one piece at a time….starting with ourselves. It is amazing how good it feels to stand up for what is right instead of going along with the crowd.

Distance makes for clarity

Sometimes we can be so close to something we can not see the reality. Stepping away for a while gives us that 20/20 vision we need to make smart decisions


Friends are a wonderful thing. Keep in mind 345 “friends” on Facebook does not make them friends. They are acquaintances. If you come through life with only ONE close friend, you have come through life with something very precious that will last you your whole life.


Never let a day go by without telling those you love that you love them. Actions speak louder than words, but they still love to hear the words too.


Never let the sun set on your anger. Each day that you allow anger to continue, it becomes easier to stay angry and never heal the gap. “Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.”~~Benjamin Franklin

We are not indispensable

In life here on earth, everyone can be replaced. No one is indispensable. Someone can always do the job we were doing. Never think you must stay where you are because something might fall apart without you. It will not. Life will go on.

Communicating with Others

We all speak from our own “place” and we all use different words with our own definition. What means one thing to someone might mean something entirely different to another. Always ask “what do you mean by?”  for it saves many arguments. And do not react until you are sure you know what the other person is Really saying.

It is OK to Say NO

It really is ok to say No, I can not…..No, I do not want to….and not get caught up in things we really do not want to do. I remember too many times agreeing to do something and then wanting to kick myself afterwards. Those that love you will still love you if you say no. They might get mad for a little bit, but they will get over it. Do not say yes out of guilt. You will hate yourself afterwards. And the more you learn to say no, the more you will find you have time to do the things you really love, with those you love.

Take Life in Bites

I read once that the first bite of food, no matter the item, is the best taste. Each bite after dims in great flavor as your taste buds get used to is. I love going to buffet’s and I take one small spoonful of each thing and sit and savor the flavors. My plate looks like a sampler. So sample life one bite at a time. Too much of something dulls the excitement and flavor. Remember the days of youth. How exciting things were. Rekindle that as a child. We do not have to have everything but we can feel like we do by enjoying what we have.


Laughter is a great healer and helps you to get rid of stress. I have laughed til I cried even in the midst of really hard times.  We do not have to be all serious or sad or down and never laugh just because something bad happened.

Never Defend Something Blindly

Believe and have faith in what you believe in but always make sure you are defending it with facts and not just emotion. When you defend something, ask yourself “why?” and the reasons should be more than “it’ is wonderful” or “it’ is great”.  You should be able to tell valid reasons. Otherwise we become like the groupies who follow this or that star all over the globe but can not really give you a good reason why.

Do Not Depend on Others for Happiness or Validation

Our happiness should not be defined by “things” or “people”  or “places” for those things can disappear. It comes from inside us. Neither should we let someone be the only thing that validates us or tells us we are worthy. For they are only human.  Learn to validate yourself. You know when you have done a good job or when you have done something worthy. Be proud of that and validate from within that what you did is good.

Treat Each Day Like It Is Your Last

Every day is a gift. Treat each day like it is your last and see the wonder and awe in each one.

Let Your Conscience Guide You

Our conscience tells us when we are doing something we should not be doing. If we are feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, angry, etc with what we are doing….it is time to step away from it and figure out why.

I love this. Read it once a long time ago.

These 3 things once gone you can never get back: Time, words and opportunity

These 3 things in life can destroy a person: anger, pride and unforgiveness.

These 3 things in life are the most important: Love, family/friends and kindness

Your Self Value
whatever value you place on yourself…others will too

“Write the bad t hings that are done to you in sand but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.”  Arabic Proverb

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