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Do You Work For Your Dreams?

just keep dreazming
As most of you know, I am a big believer in going for your dreams but how many people are willing to give it all to achieve those dreams? I see people who say they are doing all they can to get their life long dream but in reality, they are just sitting there waiting for the dream to fall in their laps or for someone else to do it for them.

We moved here on a dream. We worked for a year saving every penny we had towards this dream. We did not eat out, buy pops or snacks, did not buy new clothes or technological toys. We put everything we had on the dream and we made it here. Took us a year to do it, but we made it. And that is because we wanted this dream so badly we could taste it.

I have new dreams all the time. Right now my dream is to be back standing again even if I am walking on the forearm crutches and I am giving all I have within the range of not crashing myself to accomplish it. I have a lot to work around health wise but that does not keep me from following my dream. I have other dreams too that I am working on and hopefully will accomplish them. One dream is to return to Italy and I probably will not make it but I sure can dream about it.

Dreams keep us going. They give us the incentive to keep trying and keep working but I have found the most important thing is your drive to accomplish the dream. We can all make excuses why dreams have not come true but I think people find it harder to place any of those excuses on themselves or to take fault when things do not work out.

Self evaluation is so important and unfortunately it is easy to lie to ourselves and everyone else when something does not work. I think it takes a person of authenticity to be able to say they did not put in the effort they should have. I have been on both sides…the denial that it was my fault side and the side of saying “you know what..I was just plain lazy and did not put forth the effort” side. And so I can say with experience that it feels so much better when we can admit our failings so that we can go on to accomplish dreams we still have. That is how we build our inner core up and our character.

You are never too old to dream. Keep dreaming…keep working towards your dreams…never give up. Dreaming gives us hope and hope keeps us going in the worst of times.

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