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Why You Have To “Work” Your Dreams

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Many have asked me why I use the phrase “work the dream” when I started this blog instead of “follow your dreams” as most people say about dreams. The reason is very simply in that I believe that any dreams you have, accomplishing the dream requires work. Seldom do dreams just fall into your lap like a winning lottery ticket. I find that many people will do exactly that though. They will say they dream of doing this or that but then make no effort to make that dream happen and then wonder why their dreams never come true.

When we decided that we wanted to move to Colorado, we started from that day forward “working” towards this dream. We sat and made plans on how to accomplish the dream, plans to raise the money needed to make this dream come true and researched areas, cost, etc. We “worked” to make this dream possible. And I can tell you that the day we drove into the driveway of the first house we lived in here, we felt like we had climbed the biggest mountain in the world. Oh, what a feeling of accomplishment. That was the day we also realized that accomplishing one dream did not mean there were no more dreams for the dreams kept coming to us.

Now, let me say this as I have said this many times on my blog, I am a person of faith between me and my creator. I am not a person of religion which is man-made. And so my faith and prayers were part of this “working” towards our dream and I give God the glory for achieving this dream. I believe that God provides the means for the dreams but we have to do our part. I see many people who have the attitude “Oh, God will take care of it.” and never make any effort to do their part to make the dream  come true and then wonder why they never succeed in having their dream materialize.

When we decided to move to this side of the mountain to get away from the “resort” areas, we once again began to “work” our dream. Dreams keep us going, give us purpose and make us focus on living instead of just existing. And no matter your age, we all need dreams. We have several dreams we are working on right now and each requires us to put forth some effort. And sometimes the dreams get derailed and we have to start over again and sometimes again. Just like my dreams of being back up on my feet. I work and refine what I am doing to make my health better and things happen to knock me back down on my back again. But, I never give up on my dream of being up on my feet again and so I continue to “work” my dream.

I truly believe that this is what has kept me going through all of my health issues and trials that I have been through. I have never been ashamed of being chronically ill and disabled for it was not my fault that I was sick and disabled and I can honestly say I have never felt like giving up no matter how bad it got. And I believe the reason is I was always working on solutions and working towards the dreams I wanted to see accomplished.As long as you are “working” the dream, then you are not failing. It is when you give up on the dream or expect it to just land in your lap that the despair and frustration sets in.

Did we ever have setbacks? Oh yes, we did but that is just part of life. The hopes and dreams of what we wanted to accomplish kept me going and dreaming of actually getting there kept me smiling. Actually, when I look back through life, I see that the “getting to the dream” was the most pleasurable part.When I worked the dream of going to Italy, did the work to raise the money and actually made it to Italy, it was thrilling. And yet, what happened when I got there? Because I failed to tell my bank that I was going to Italy, the first use of my credit card and they locked my bank account down. And yet, with no money to spend, I still had the most thrilling time of my life.

The trip was paid for, breakfast and dinner were paid for when the trip was set with the group. I had no money for shopping or eating lunch but that did not matter to me. I was in Rome…oh Roma my Roma…and nothing was going to rob me of that joy. So, while everyone was out shopping for all the designer bags and scarves, I was walking up and down the little side streets enjoying the tiny shops or sitting at the beautiful fountain eating my lunch which consisted of bread and fruit from my breakfast buffet or sipping my my thermos cup and enjoying watching the artists at work in the street. Even with my bank card messed up, I was still “working” my dream.

I truly believe that attitude and mental mindset are key factors in “working” the dreams. Some dreams come true in what seems to be very short times but others take weeks and even months and some can even take years. A lot depends on how much you are willing to put into “working” the dream, how much the dream means to you and if you are even willing to put in the “work” it takes to have this dream come true. Sometimes it takes trading off that which is less important to get what is most important to you. I do this in working on my health. I trade off “standing” at times just to get out of the house by using my power chair because getting out is more important to me than worrying about what people think when they see me in the chair.

So, never ever stop dreaming no matter how old you are or what shape you are in. Dream those dreams, make plans, design ways to accomplish those dreams and keep “working” the dream for that keeps our spirits going and then when a dream happens, just enjoy the feeling. And stop worrying about what someone may think of your dreams for after all they are YOUR dreams not theirs.

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