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The Love Affair Of The Century

Simply danLrene signiaIt was truly a beautiful love affair. She was petite and honey blonde and he was tall and dark and handsome. They seemed to fall in love on first glance but it was a doomed affair. The iron bars between them kept them apart. Also, they were a mixed couple which made things very hard. So, they had to settle for the brief encounters between the bars, the brief touching and low utterances of love.

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One could often find them….he on the outside…at the iron bars. She would be leaned in to him whispering sweet sounds of love and he often leaned his face against the bars straining for that touch of his hair. He could be seen sitting there staring at the iron bars just waiting for her.

Sounds like a beautiful love story, doesn’t it. It was a most unusual love these two had. The honey blonde was a sweet cockatiel named Miss Kitty and the tall , dark handsome one was Jack, my dog I lost two years ago this December

We rescued two cockatiels from college kids that were not taking care of them. They were left often at the grandmother’s house and she told the inspector that she could not take care of them. They came with two nice cages on a cart to roll them around.

Dillon was the other cockatiel. He looked like a feisty little penguin all gray and white. He could talk and whistle. He said Hello when we got him and did Nintendo sounds and a wolf whistle. After he had been with us for a while, he picked up the words  “pretty boy” which is what I called Jack. Dillon and Jack were jealous of each other. If Miss Kitty was showing Jack attention, Dillon would start hopping up and down on the bar and screaming. Dillon made us laugh more than once. I overslept and did not come and uncover his cage on more than one occasion and he would first start whistling. If that did not work, he would call “Hello???” “Hello???”  and if that did not work, he would start calling Jack saying “Pretty boy?”  “Pretty boy?”

Miss Kitty and Jack were something else. He would stand by her cage and lean his head in with part of his ear in there and she would just nuzzle and groom his ear.  And she would lean down into his ear and just coo to him. It was amazing. My most favorite thing to see was when she would turn sideways and look over her shoulder and stretch her wing out and rub the feathers against his nose.

One day, when we had been out, we came home and there was toilet paper all over the floor and Jack standing there with some still on his mouth. I looked at Jack and said “Who did this?”. Of course I knew full well who did. And Dillon started hopping up and down saying “Pretty boy….pretty boy”.  Jack ran over to the cage and he and Dillon would chew at each other. It was hilarious.

The story of Jack and Miss Kitty show that love comes in many forms and knows no boundaries in the animal kingdom just like with humans. And Dillon just shows you what a spurned lover looks like jumping up and down and screaming. 🙂

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  1. Great story well told. (Glad those cages can roll – those birds get pretty loud indoors. Many people here let them roll out to patios and porches in nice weather.)
    Jack does look like he could have charmed anyone.
    Thanks for the morning smile

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | September 10, 2014 | Reply

    • We finally gave them to a man that raised cockatiels and they adored him. This was right before we moved to CO and yes, Jack was a charmer alright. Glad it made you smile. 🙂

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2012 | September 10, 2014 | Reply

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