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I believe in the quote “stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone” but what I find sometimes is that people will get so ingrained in what they think is right that they no longer see the real facts. If anyone dares to disagree they are attacked, belittled and called ugly names. That shows the lack of maturity of the persons attacking but also shows that they are not as secure in what they are fighting for as they think. Real adults fight for the facts and not for the “dream” of what they want to be true.

I see this when people get into battles about religion. They are so ingrained in what they are fighting for that they do not research their own facts and so invalidate what they are saying. They become so focused on convincing everyone that what they say is true that they are unwilling to admit that there are fallacies in what they are saying. A good example is the “religions” who are always condemning people for drinking and yet no where in the Bible does it say drinking is a sin. It only says to beware of and that over indulgence is the sin. I am wary of a stove for I do not know if it is hot or not until I put my hand over it. Over indulgence of any thing is a sin be it drinking, eating, sex, etc. But you will not hear certain religions say that. And thus they invalidate themselves. I do not drink and have no desire to drink but when it comes to my faith, I want what the Bible says not what man has decided. And so, I study the Bible to know what it says.

Another area that I find people who have adopted what I call “cult like” mentality is those that “follow” others such as stars, famous people, groups, etc. If you can not see what is wrong and deny that anything is wrong  or is not being done by a person, group or party, then you are not realistically look at things. These type of people will never admit that their beloved person or group does anything wrong and I mean NEVER. They will defend even the worst decisions vehemently. Those that use their abilities and study and research people will begin to see the discrepancies in what the person they are following says and does and then are able to make decisions on facts not emotions.

This happens with those that follow singers, stars, famous people, etc. And if you dare to disagree, you will be demonized and attacked vehemently. I saw this when Carrie Underwood did “The Sound of Music” television show. I love Carrie Underwood and she is an awesome singer but I thought she was a little less than stellar on her performance in the show. Now, I think if she took acting lessons she could be awesome in acting too so I was not denigrating her. I was stating a fact that many expressed on feeds. Those that follow with cult like adoration could not stand anything being said that was not complimentary to their star and attacked in a way that was shocking.

I have been attacked viciously and even told by certain people from a group that I used to belong to and believed in at one time that they hoped I died when they knew I was going through treatment. Sorry, but I did not die and I am doing good and writing a book and actively involved in my little church. I am not sitting on the internet whining , complaining and attacking or making assertions I have not researched to see if true or not. It shows the mental state of people who are attacking others. It is an all over the internet problem. Just read news feeds and read the comments of those that just sit there waiting on something to attack a person on.

Just a little added information from Psychology Today from a study they did on those that attack people on the internet:

“Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun … and the Internet is their playground!”

“So next time you encounter a troll online, remember a few things. (1) These trolls are some truly messed up people and (2) it is your suffering that brings them pleasure, so the best thing you can do is ignore them. “

If you are positive of what you believe in you do not have to attack people to make your point. I do not care what these type of people have to say like that because people do one of two things. Some people will attack and try to pull you down to where they are and others try to lift you up to where they are..which is what I try to do with this blog. Always remember this when someone attacks, demeans or is a bully towards you. They are the miserable ones and can find nothing better to do than to belittle others. I pity them and do not allow them to bring me down at all.

In politics, I am neither a democrat nor a republican nor an independent. I am an American. I vote by the person and research the person. You would be amazed at the information you find and the misdeeds you find on ALL politicians if you actually research it. My point being that just because you are of one group does not mean all they do is perfect and if that is what you are saying, you need to step back and look at all so that you can say “well they did this that was not good but they did this that is good”.  Saying that anyone, even in a relationship, has some behavior or habit that is bad does not make them all bad. We are all humans and we all do things wrong. No one is perfect. Being realistic means we are capable of seeing both side.

Again I will use an example that has become ingrained in my mind. Clinton did a lot of good things as president and I happen to like Clinton but when he had sex in the oval office and then lied under oath…that was wrong. It was a stupid move. Many said “Sex is not something we should judge. It is his personal life.”  I agree that one’s personal life is no one’s business but when you do it in the oval office, then it becomes something that should be condemned for that is our White House and if he had been a superior in a corporation and had sex with a trainee, he would have been fired.

Now, I do not base my judgement of Clinton on the sex act. I base my feelings about him on the fact that he lied under oath and to US, the people who voted him in. The point being here is that I can still tell you the good things about Clinton and what he did in office and for the economy, etc and when someone says “yes but he lied under oath” or “he had sex in the oval office”, I can admit that yes he did and it was wrong and then tell them the good things he did. We have to learn how to see both the good and bad in people, businesses, etc so that we can make valid judgments about them. I can tell both good and bad things Bush did or any president did.

I find that if we are sure of our beliefs than we can state the bad things not attack someone who disagrees. We are using our own reasoning and our minds to make rational judgments. If you find yourself defending everything someone does even when the majority of the people condemn it, sit back for a few minutes. Start listing all the good and the bad that has been said about the person, star, group, etc and see if you can then still support them in spite of the things wrong. Weight things by their importance: was there deception, was there lies, was there manipulation, was there mistreatment, was there inappropriate actions, etc. For example, sex in the oval office held less weight for me but lying under oath held a LOT of weight for me because honesty is one of the values I hold dear.

Decide what your values are and support what is right based on values such as honesty, trust, morals, etc and not what you want to be right because you are so enamored with a person, group, singer, etc. We have a lot of cult like mentality going on around the world. People will follow people even if what they do is immoral, destructive, manipulative and even down right murderous as we have seen in the world recently and that is sad. And I believe it is because we are not teaching children who grow up to become adults how to reason for themselves. Learn how to accept that there are things wrong with whomever you are following or admiring and decide if those things change your view of them. If you realistically look at the wrong things and decide that yes, they were bad things but not bad enough to change how I feel, then you have learned how to make rational decisions about others. But if you still vehemently defend someone when they have done something wrong and attack others for stating the wrong things, it might be time to sit back and re-evaluate.

And that my friends is simply danLrene’s opinion. I hope that it at least makes you sit back and look at things and see if you are blindly following someone or if you are making true assertions about someone you follow. And if it makes you think about blind loyalty and the dangers of it, then I have at least done that.

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  1. This sounded like something my kids should read thanks Dani

    Comment by kathy | September 27, 2014 | Reply

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