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Complacency Comes With Consequences

Simply danLrene signiaI believe in standing up for what is right……even if you are standing alone. This has to do with all of life from politics down to the food you eat. If you are complacent and never make any waves, then those in charge of whatever assume you think it is fine. I believe if we are not willing to stand up for something then we are complicit to what is going on. It is easy to let others have to do the standing up but it is so worth it when we stand up ourselves. It is worth it in the personal sense for you will find many will make ugly comments because they do not want to hear the truth and in today’s society where all the “politically correct” rhetoric is going on, people just choose sides without any researching to see what the side really stands for.

I see so many people who just take things at face value and never study to see if what they are being told is true.  We can not take brands, political parties, churches, hospitals, etc as being safe, truthful, and worth defending if we have never researched to see if they are or not. I see people doing this with their voting. I have heard people saying they vote all this party or all that party because they are great to vote for because of their party affiliation. That is wrong in my opinion because if you do much research you will read of the charges brought, investigations done on candidates from all parties.  I hate to tell people that a candidate being of a particular party does not guarantee the person has the country’s best interest at heart. Study and research to know what people, companies, news media, schools, churches, etc are really all about. Then make your decision. Never rely on what the media presents.

I am very picky on what I eat, what I wash with, what I clean with for I have researched the products and know what their standard is here and in the world. For example, I no longer eat a certain food product because it uses the yellow color which other countries have banned. Have we become to complacent that we just take it for granted that people who are making money off of us have our best interests at heart?  I research my medicines and amazingly enough many are being made overseas. With our world like it is, does anyone not wonder if getting our prescriptions from a country that does not like us makes any sense at all?

I also stand up for myself. If I am complacent people will walk all over me and misuse me and mistreat me and I have only myself to blame. We have to learn to speak up and stand up. Just keep in mind that being assertive does not mean being a bitch or a bad ass. It means speaking with authority and conviction and believing in what we are standing up for. Do you believe in yourself?  If you do, then you should stand up for yourself.

We have become a world of complacency on one hand where people do not want to hear the truth, do not want to know what is going on in our world and the products and food that affect us and in a world where people are so busy standing up for the wrong reasons that what they say they are standing up for gets lost in the rhetoric. I see people who have so little faith in their own beliefs that they will not stand on their own convictions. Have you ever noticed that those that have a deep abiding faith are never derailed from what they believe in  but those that are insecure in their own faith will argue and attack because they do not have the strong convictions to carry them through?

When someone is attacked, raped, murdered, robbed, etc and you hear or see it and do nothing then you are complacent and that makes you complicit. It also makes us accountable. Take your beliefs and if enough people started standing up for their morals, standing up against those that cheat, lie and steal in the political arena by voting them out, stand up for the jacking up of prices on things when there is no reason by refusing to buy from the companies, etc…then the world might actually start becoming more accountable for their actions.

I hear people all the time complain about this person or that person in political office and yet when asked if they voted their response is “no”.  I tell them that their complacency on voting makes them are just as much responsible for putting the person in office as if they did vote for the person. The consequence of not voting brought people into office that they were against. We are a free society and we do vote our politicians in but we should do so with great research on what they say they do and what is proven they do. And if we are not willing to vote, then we should not be complaining.

And this is Simply danLrene’s words of wisdom:   We are here in this world such a short time, so make the best of it. And by best I do not mean lying, cheating, stealing and spending money you do not have. I mean make the most of it by being someone who is accountable and is authentic with their word, being someone of honor and someone that does what is right even when people are ugly to you. Be the person that makes a difference.

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