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Simply danLrene signiaI want to tell you about a young girl who has been seriously ill for seven years. She is about 22 now and so that means she was about 15 when she became ill with ME….myalgic encephalomyelitis sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome which is a very poor name for this illness.  In the states, over one million people have ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and there are 17 million people world wide with this illness. This illness has been around since the 80’s and so I for one wonder why they have not found a treatment for this since it is listed as a “chronic degenerative neuro-immune disease described in medical literature as early as 1935.”

Jessica works hard to try to raise awareness and to raise money for the charity. This kind of work is so exhausting to someone bed bound with ME/CFS and she has to be flat on her back a lot of the time  When we live in one room and live in a hospital bed believe me it is not by choice. And I can only imagine how hard for a child in her teens to suddenly become that sick. There are a lot of battles, a lot of “crashes” as the body just forces us to lay there and do nothing. So, I think Jessica creating this song to sell and raise money for the charity….in spite of being so sick is amazing.

There are many people trying to create awareness of this illness and creating movies, videos, and events to educate on. Many people with ME work to get their input into the medical genre so that they are heard. And that is wonderful and hopefully one day instead of dismissing this as a psychological disorder or even taking children from their parents and keeping them in hospitals where the parents can not see them, research might actually come up with a way to help this.

While many focus on solutions, Jessica’s concern was directed towards all the many children who are suffering debilitating illness and how the children are coping. She, with the help of her sister, created a charity called “Share A Star” and it focused on giving young children hope and on the children knowing that they were not forgotten.

Jessica is bedridden and lives with a lot of pain and yet she still worries about others. The Charity created stars for children to have as their own to give them hope as they went through the medical things they faced. The charity has gone on to create a Share The Hope official charity music single and Jessica is hoping to get as many as possible sold before Christmas to make Christmas brighter for the sick children.

From the video, it says “This charity song is the brain child of, and has been written by, Jessica L E Taylor, a seriously unwell and bedridden young lady.It has a very clear message for us all to ‘Spread the Hope’ this Christmas time and by doing so, will raise important funds for four registered charities.”

Jessica has worked hard to get where she can sit up and made it and even stood for a couple of minutes but her system has gone down again and she is back flat on  her back and in a lot of pain. So, I am posting this on here for Jessica in hopes that you all will order this video, share the blog so others can get the links and will help Jessica realize her dream of having it go high on the charts. Below is a preview only of the single. To hear the song in full you will need to buy one.

The proceeds from the sale of this song will go to help four different charities:


If you are touched by this video and want TO DONATE (it will be split between all four charities), the link is:

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