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No matter how bad things get, it really is ok to find a little humor and to laugh. That has been my philosophy for years and this week was no exception.  And it helps that my son has my wacky sense of humor.  I had three trips an hour each way to doctors in three days. I am susceptible to catching everything that is out there and especially when you go to places that have a lot of sick people. So, I dress accordingly. I dress to avoid being sneezed on, coughed on, or getting germs from anything.


Now, let me tell you that dressed like this…I can clear an elevator in sixty seconds. Seriously people fled, saying over their shoulders as they ran out that they would catch the next one. Wonder if it works at restaurants?  But, I really am not concerned if people think I look scary, funny or anything else. I am determined to keep from catching all the sickness that is in the places I have to go like doctor’s office and hospitals.

So, what I tell the ones in charge is no I do not have any dread disease that anyone can catch and that I am only trying to keep myself from catching what they are coughing all over the waiting rooms. And if that does not work, I tell them this is my Michael Jackson Halloween costume as I throw up one gloved hand, grab my hat and start singing ♫♫ Billie Jean…..♫♫ and then raising my head I start rolling backwards and moving my shoulders back and forth like I am moon walking. That just brings the house down.


No matter what life throws your way, find a way to smile for it helps. Laughter and smiling help make the hard times better. Do not waste your minutes being angry, upset,  sad, discouraged, or anything negative because when you do….you are wasting minutes you can never recover and are losing precious moments that you could be spending with those you love or spending on things that are good.

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