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Bend Like The Willow

Life is not always easy and sometimes we feel like we are always fighting uphill. Sometimes the storms seem more than we can bear and I have learned that if I just stop and bend like the willow and allow the storm to roll off my back, it does not batter me down to the ground. If I just bend like the willow, never breaking but allowing the storm to wash over me, I can once again pull myself back up to fight again.

Bend Like The Willow

The storms rage in destruction and despair

The winds of life batter without a care

Things break into and shatter in places

And you see the pain in so many faces

And yet some still stand beaten but strong

♫’Bend like the willow’♫ is their song

The willow bends over from the blasting wind

Smiling inside saying ” I only will bend”

And when the storm lessens, the willow is still there

The storm was bad but the willow does not care

Life will always send storms our way

Life is full of storms, day after day

When the storms hit and you feel so much pain

Raise your arms and face to the falling rain

Do not run and hide and cover your head

Instead of hiding, bend like the willow instead

When the willow is bent over and the storm passes by

“you did not break me” is the willow’s cry

I am still here standing tall and strong

If you think you can beat me, you are very wrong

So, when things are bad and you want to cry

Bend like the willow…just give it a try.

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