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Stupid Or Just Passive and Complacent?

Simply danLrene signiaChange comes so slowly sometimes but I feel like if we each become the change we want to see in the world in our little corner of the world, then we might see change coming in ripple form. I can sit and complain about all the rude people in the world, all the people who never make an effort to work, or all the bad politicians in the world but if I am complacent and make no effort to help create change than I am just as guilty.. If I want more respect in the world, then I should start with myself and be more respectful. If I want more kindness, then I should work on being kinder. If I want honesty in the world, then I should make sure I am always honest. If I want different people in office, then I should be making sure to vote and to learn all I can about the politicians. It starts at home and works outward.

Be passionate about what you believe in and by that I mean talk about what you believe in and express it. I believe in the right to express and even to protest but I do not believe in violence or destroying property because you are unhappy with a verdict. Nor do I believe all cops are unfair or racial profilers, that all blacks are bad, all Indians are lazy, or all whites are racist and I do not believe guilty verdicts should come down just because one does not like what happened. I believe we have to look at facts and we have to decide what is right or wrong IN SPITE of what the media is propagating.

The media and those in charge bank on the fact that we will never research facts, that we will just take what they write as the gospel and follow along like sheep. People, contrary to what Gruber said, Americans are not stupid. We may get complacent at times. We may become passive about issues but we are not stupid. I believe people find it easier to let others lead and do not want to be accountable for learning all they can about our judicial system and our government. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am an American and I vote by researching and finding out the truth about each candidate and not relying on all the ads and all the one-sided commentary our news media does now. We are not stupid but we are slack at times. We get that “cult” mentality and allow people to just lead us in directions that are flat-out bad for us whether it is religiously, politically or any other way. Why is this?

Please research things like Jeff Warren and the FLDS and see what blindly following someone can do to us. Watch some of the extreme religions and see what blindly following them without reading for yourself and studying for yourself will do to us. I am a person of faith. I believe religions are man-made and that faith is between man and God.  That means that I do not let religious leaders to tell me what the Bible says and just passively sit there and make no effort to check the facts.  I read and study for myself. I do not allow the media OR politicians to sway me. I use my own common sense and my own ability to research and find out the truth.

A good example of not knowing the full story is how so many of the Male leaders in some churches like to say that woman caused the downfall of man. Try reading Genesis for yourself. I was amazed to learn that woman was not thrown out of the garden of Eden but man was. Woman was just told she would suffer in childbirth for eating the apple. The Bible also says woman was deceived but man was not. Another example is that man was created first. Again, read Genesis and it says that God created “man”, both male and female he created them. He created “mankind” first which included the women. Then he created Adam’s body first to hold the spirit but the Bible tells us God knew us before we were born and the reason is God created all our spirits in the beginning. Another example of taking the stories told to us as truth by those in charge is that of Jonah and the Whale. Jonah was not swallowed by a whale in the story. He was swallowed by a fish and a whale is a mammal and not a fish.

We get bits and pieces but not total transparency about the things our government and our country is doing. No real answers are given on the IRS situation. No real answers are given on Benghazi and other situations. The wars going on we do not hear the full story on. We have disappearing and reappearing emails, stonewalling, and an extreme lack of transparency. And yet, why do we not see protesting like we have seen over the past weeks? Now, do not get me wrong. These kind of things have gone on for years in the political realm and under different parties and yet people passively allow it. And some people will defend it blindly even when the truth comes out. That probably is the biggest thing that bothers me today. If I am being authentic and accountable, then I should be able to point out the things a politician does wrong even if I voted for him or her. But many can not for it undermines their very foundation which is built on sticks instead of bricks.

It may be harder work to check facts for ourselves but when we check facts, then the decisions we make or based on facts and not what someone told us. Gruber said Americans were stupid and that is why Obama care went through. Well, we are not quite as stupid as he thinks….maybe just a little late in doing our research to learn the truth is all. Be involved, be accountable for your decisions and not base them on media hype, political ads or anything else. Study so that when you make decisions, you have invested all you can into the process. Would you go put your money in a sack in a hole in a tree that someone calls a bank just because someone told you to? Then why would you take others opinions and advice without researching on things as important as our government and politics, medical care and religion?

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  1. So true. The biggest danger is those who simply parrot what others say without bothering to take the time to get the facts. Used to chanting and multiple choices in schools, many don’t advance past that in adulthood. Sheep. “Trust me,” authorities say (and few ask why? what motivates them? What do You have to gain and how will it affect me?) – Emotions, generalities, faulty logic, character assassinations, and lies are all preferred tools of communication now.
    Those who scorn and refuse to do their civic duties and participate in society ( like voting, jury duty, helping in the community simply because it needs to be done, doing the right thing, being a full time parent, being involved in children’s schools and education, having a job even if it’s not the one you want or like, but being productive) – Anyone who won’t be part of the society, should just sit down and be quiet or leave. Tired of the ticks, fleas, and leaches complaining.

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | December 5, 2014 | Reply

    • Well said Karen…well said. It is time people become accountable for non-action and take on the responsibility of learning what is going on in our country.

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2012 | December 5, 2014 | Reply

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