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Simply danLrene signiaTechnology is a wonderful thing in many ways but it also can be a double-edged sword if we are not careful. It can take over our lives and consume our time. For me now, being disabled and chronically ill, it is my window to the world and I love it. Besides giving me entertainment, it also provides me with contact with the human race out there. I am careful though to not spend all my time on the computer.

I remember about twenty years ago when my son brought in my first computer that he had built from spare parts. I was literally terrified of the thing and would turn it on and then turn it off for days. It took me a while to get brave enough to get on the internet and those sounds that came from the Yahoo messenger like door knocking, etc made me feel like someone was in my house. To this day son still laughs about teaching me how to use the computer.

The first thing we did was make me familiar with the keyboard, the mouse and all the little things I needed to know. I remember son trying to teach me about the mouse and what button to click on them. The first time he told me to do a “left hand” click, I swapped hands and put the mouse in my left hand and clicked. I can still see him trying so hard not to laugh at me. Eventually, I got the hang of things and soon son was asking me to search for things for him as he said I could find more information on the internet that he ever thought about finding. I told him that it was simple. I just pretended I was him or his brother when they were little and if I asked a question and did not get the answer I wanted, I rephrased the question and asked again. I figure if it worked for them to get that Yes answer from me, it might work for me to track down information.

My poor son says he learned many things from teaching me how to use the computer. I think the one that floored him the most was the day I turned the screen on my monitor upside down. I called him over and showed him and his eyes opened wide and he asked me “How the H did you do that??”   I told him I had no idea but later we finally figured out that the dog caught my arm and snatched it with the mouse in my hand so I evidently clicked something along the way. I asked him could I just turn my monitor over. With this raised eyebrow look, he informed me “NO”.  It took him a day to figure out how to turn it back around.

I think he used to live in fear that the FBI or some organization was going to come knocking on our door to arrest me because I was always ending up on places that gave me warnings that I was entering unauthorized territory or something like that. I am an avid searcher on Google and if something catches my interest I will search for hours. I love crime stories and was searching on the FBI site one day and I did something and a huge red stop sign popped up telling me I was about to enter forbidden territory. I think my son wanted to faint on that one as he was muttering to me the whole time he was trying to back me out of that site. I told him not to worry, that if anyone came asking questions they would soon learn I was just a ditsy little old lady that did not know how to use a computer.

I am still not as social media savvy as most people are. I have a dumb phone that only takes calls or text. I do not do Instagram, Pinterest, Face Time or any of those other apps. And yet,  I still manage to get what I need out of my computer. I was so glad growing up that I learned how to do things outside, play sports, sit and talk with friends and all sorts of other fun things instead of sitting around texting on a smart phone like we see so much of today. There is balance, at least I think there is anyway. I know people who can not talk in person but can text by the hour. My son deserves an award for the time he worked to teach me how to use the computer.

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  1. My kids won’t have phones until they are old enough to get a job and need one. I hate going out with someone and they are on their phone the entire time! Hadar has a cut-off time when he comes home from work. I realize the people calling and texting are from work and sometimes he has to answer it, but most of the time I give him “the eye,” when he does =)

    Comment by Anonymous | December 8, 2014 | Reply

    • I am the same way about people being around me and texting all the time. Drives me nuts 🙂

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2012 | December 8, 2014 | Reply

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