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I have often wondered why people seem to fear silence. Perhaps it is that they must face their own thoughts without all the distraction and commotion in the world today. I am very sensory and I literally have to remove all the sensory things around me and allow myself to desensitize. And I do so by laying in my darkened room, with only a fan blowing to circulate the air. The lights are dimmed to help soothe the senses. And I lay thee until I feel my body begin to relax and the chaos drain away.

Today, it seems that the world is constant commotion, constant sound, constant talking and it reminds me of listening to a flock of crows that makes s much noise that the sound drowns out the world. People have on music, television, or talking constantly and at times it seems almost in desperation as if they fear the silence.

To me silence is a beautiful thing. Now there are times I do not want total silence but just for things to dim to a lower level. As I have spent most of my time in my one room world, I have become quite accustomed to not having a lot of distractions around. Even with my son taking care of me, he is not always around me as he has work to do and friends he likes to visit. So, I learned the art of entertaining myself.  I find many people do not know how to entertain themselves but I am blessed with this ability to read, dream my dreams, write or draw and hours can go by and I never realize it.

Do you remember days when you were young, where we would dream of what we wanted to do. We could spend hours day dreaming and planning in our heads. Today, people post it on Facebook or twitter and the world knows and so many want to tell us what to do or how to do it. It is the dreamers that created and invented so many things in the world.

Remember when dreams were private and kept secret except for those you trusted the most? The day of someone just listening is gone and everyone is an expert on everything. I think people fear the silence because then they hear all the things rolling through their head such as failing to have this dream or that dream come true or broken relationships or lost children and you name it. In the silence we can come to terms with what we have lost or failed at and accept it as part of life.

The things that have kept me going all these years of being sick have been my ability to dream and to work the dream. We moved to Colorado because of a dream and we worked for a year to made the dream come true. Dreams change along the way but that does not mean you can not have a new dream. But, if you never have silence….you never get to hear the dream that is struggling to rise to the surface. All the noise buzzing around us makes it hard to hear our inner dreams and thoughts. And no matter how old we are…..we still need dreams.

 I dream of publishing all my writings and though I know that I may not always be here, I know that my dream will come true some how some way because I have a son that wants to see them published too. I dream of being able to travel back to see my other son and granddaughter and we are working on that dream. I dream of walking and being outside in nature and I work daily on that dream. Will it happen? I do not know but I know I enjoy the silent moments when I hear the dream in my heart and work to devise ways that it could happen. And if the dream never happens, all the times day dreaming about my dreams like returning to Italy have been joyful. It was not lost time.

When you feel burnt out, stressed out and tired of all the chaos in the world, find your place of serenity. Everyone needs that place in their  home whether it is your bedroom, an office, your back porch or where ever. We all need that place where we can go and hear the silence and can take that deep breath and put our heads back and listen to the stillness. It is then that we can soothe our inner selves and can think clearer. Perhaps your place of serenity is sitting on a porch swing with your loved one, watching the hummingbirds and listening to the soft hum of their wings..neither one of you saying a word. Do not be afraid to step into the silence for in the silence comes serenity.

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  1. I very much agree with your first two lines. The world and society might be a better place is we taught children young to exist and appreciate silence – and could convince adults everyone needs to turn it all off – stop going and shopping – and appreciate the benefits and wonders of putting the world on hold.
    Dreams are live and exist as solid – only in a different world/dimension/space and time. Energy is never created or destroyed – it wanders until it find the perfect spot to shine.
    Merry Merry Wishes to you and yours and onward!

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | December 17, 2014 | Reply

    • Well said Karen Well said. and Merry Christmas to you and yours from our home to yours.

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2012 | December 17, 2014 | Reply

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