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Got The Holiday Humbugs?

Simply danLrene signiaHave you got the holiday humbugs?  I hear people say “Christmas is just not like it was when I was growing up.” And no, it is not. I also hear people say that the sparkle is gone and it does not feel like Christmas. Just a lot of Grinch attitude going on.

You want to make your holidays better? I do not care if you are old or young, live with a large family or a small family or even live alone. You can make your holiday better by doing one simple thing. I know this because I have had the humbugs before and finally realized that I had to make my own Christmas special.

The way to make Christmas or any other holiday of this time of year become something that fills your heart is to look around and do something for people who have nothing or have little. Many people are without jobs, some are homeless, some are lonely and alone and some are in the nursing homes with no family ever coming to visit. Reach out and do something to make their Christmas brighter and yours will become brighter automatically.

I know…I know….you are saying “Do what???”   Well, you could create a food box for a family, buy toys for children whose parents have lost their jobs and money is barely paying to live, go visit at the nursing home and ask them there for people who never get visitors, go work in a soup line or deliver meals, go work in a shelter or take gifts there. There are many things we can do. And believe me all of those things will fill your heart to overflowing.

I remember one of the times I visited the nursing home, my boys just went from person to person hugging them and talking to them. One lady took hold of my arm and for the next few hours, she thought I was her daughter. I was told this daughter brought her one day and left her and never returned. All afternoon, this woman called me her daughter’s name..Lissy and she held my hand and asked me did I remember this or that and questions like “Why did you not wear the dress I sent you?”  I told her the dress was dirty and I would wear it the next time and we talked and I assured her that I remembered growing up and how much I loved her. For one day, she had her dream which was to have her daughter come visit. I will never forget that Christmas. She passed away a few months after that.

Turn on some music, decorate, bake, and enjoy the holiday even if you are alone. I have done it for years. My son always worked holidays and we celebrated  days later. I would deliver meals on Christmas day and then come home and my dog and I would eat our dinner. When we help someone else we forget our troubles, our pains and all the things making us unhappy and we take on the joy of helping someone else. Who knows…you might make a new friend. And no, it is not too late to do something. Make it even more special and tell no one for that is something that will make you smile for a long time.

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