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Son and I have a unique relationship and love to tease each other. I am always saying things with that deadpan serious look and love watching his expression. Like the day I asked him to take me to the hair stylist as I needed a haircut. He had the keys in his hand and we were going out the door, when he asked me was I going to get it cut short. I said “Well, not exactly. I want a purple Mohawk.”. You could see him stumble a little as he stopped and turned around and looked at me a minute before he uttered these words. “You want a what????.”.   I could not help myself. I started giggling then. And believe me when I started treatment this past year and my hair was falling out in handfuls, I told myself that if it got where I lost most of my hair, I was getting that purple Mohawk. I was fortunate in that my hair is just extremely thin with lots of scalp showing.

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Son is equally as mischievous like the time he was widening my bedroom door to accommodate my power chair. We lived in a mobile home and you know how they do not put in normal sized doors. Anyway, I am sitting in the living room watching a show and he comes in with Jack, our dog, on a leash and hands me the leash and tells me to hold it….that he is about to widen the doorway and does not want to scare Jack.  He then walks outside and I resume watching my show.

I hear the storm door open and shut again thinking nothing of it. As son steps back inside, he pulls the pulley on the chain saw and you can imagine the sound that caused me to snap my head around. I thought I was in Chain Saw Massacre and my eyes were huge. Now, if you have any imagination at all…you can visualize the look on my face. My son was laughing so hard I thought he was going to drop the chain saw. We both just started laughing then as he went in and cut out a two by four that he needed removed.

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Then there was the time that son and I were cooking in the kitchen with a friend. She was teaching us how to make Ti Chicken and she had a pot of water boiling with the chicken in it while she prepared the rest of the ingredients. She looked at son and asked him to “whip that chicken” for her. He looked at me and sort of shrugged his shoulders and leaned over with the whisk and made smacking motions over the boiling chicken saying “bad chicken. bad …bad”.  Well, needless to say, we all lost it and there was so much laughter going on that the rest of the people in the house came to look.

Laughter is good for the heart and soul and helps promote a healing atmosphere. Sometimes son and I have these secret jokes and we will get tickled when something happens out in public that will hit our funny bone for a reason only we know and the other people are oblivious. We can be ten feet away from each other watching the same situation and look up and catch each others eye and get tickled. We have learned our own form of little signals like sign language so that if I needed him across the room or wanted to tell him something or direct his attention somewhere…slight hand movements send the message. A friend of sons told him once that he was amazed that son knew exactly what I was motioning to him in a very slight of hand way from across a room.

If I were a doctor, one prescription I would give to every patient would be to laugh and laugh hard at least three or four times a day. I remember when my adopted daughter’s father was in the hospital critically ill. Even in such tenuous times, we were able to laugh and it brought much-needed release of all the stress. I mean we laughed til we cried. And we remember those times to this day.

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One of those times was when we got stuck on an elevator. Now, she and I both are claustrophobic. We get on this elevator on the ICU floor to go down. A man gets on with us and a woman is standing over there pushing all the buttons as the door closes. She says “This thing is not working right”. Suddenly between floors we stop. The woman is still pushing buttons. I look over my shoulder and my adopted daughter is plastered to the back of the elevator with huge eyes and I am trying to pry the doors on the elevator open.

Finally, the elevator jerks and moves back up and the door opens on the ICU floor again and I am off like a shot. I look back and my daughter is doing this leaping trying to get off. She said laughing that she was afraid it would start falling and she was leaping to get off midair. She asked me after we both got off  “Did you hear that crazy person that got off the elevator? She was telling people not to get on that elevator. …that it took you places you did not want to go and would not let you off”.  I started giggling and said “Honey, that crazy lady was me.”

Laughter has always been part of my life. My adopted daughter and I were in Sunday school one time and the preacher was doing the class and one of the deacons was helping. They told a story about someone who went into the desert with their camels and set up camp. The pastor asked “And what do you suppose they ate for supper?”  And without batting an eye, I leaned towards my daughter and whispered “camel soup?” My adopted daughter  started biting the inside of her lip and her nostrils were flaring as she tried not to laugh out loud. When we got out of there, she was laughing so hard and said “Why do you always do that when we are where I can not laugh?”

Laughter is an important part of life. And learning to laugh at yourself when you make those blunders is important. I find that when I can laugh at myself, I see myself in a much better light. I have been around people who would not laugh if you paid a comedian to come entertain them. They find no joy in life. We have to open ourselves up and allow the laughter and joy to enter.  I have always said that I hoped I left this world with LOTs and LOTS of laugh lines on my face. Why anyone would want to use Botox and remove the signs that showed you laughed a lot and had a happy life is amazing to me. Too many people look emotionless with Botox.  So, laugh often, laugh til you cry, look for reasons to smile and laugh…for they are there even in times of trial and troubles. And it is ok to laugh even in sad or hard times. In fact, I would say it was needed during those times the most.

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