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Simply danLrene signiaIt is 2:30 in the morning and I am laying here in the silence listening to the fan hum and basking in the soft glow of my monitor. Just for a moment, I lay here and thought about what Christmas means to me. I am a Christian and so it is about the birth of Jesus for me…the birth of my Savior.

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So, just for a moment, I think about the story in the Bible and wonder what it would have been like to be one of those shepherds that the angels came to visit and told them of Jesus birth. I can not even imagine how they felt as they saw the light of the angels and heard their voices. Would I have believed the savior had come? I like to think I would have.

Just for a moment I imagine walking across uneven ground, leaving the flock of sheep behind and looking for the stable where Jesus was born. That is faith. People have asked me how can I believe in something I can not prove. I know now that it is impossible to explain. How could the shepherds have believed so strongly that they left their flock and started traveling to find him?

Just for a moment I imagined myself dressed in shepherds clothing coming upon the stable with the bright star over it and can see myself thinking why is a savior in a stable. I just for a moment, visualize the baby in a manger with animals in the stable and Joseph and Mary beside him. In today’s world, people would have said that is no savior it is just a baby but there must have something magical about that stable for the shepherds knew immediately that it was the baby Jesus and knelt down.

Just for a moment I thought about those wise men who had studied about the Messiah coming and saw the star that told them he was here. They set out in search carrying gifts for a king. We have always been taught it was three wise men but did you know that no number is mentioned in the Bible. I think people think three because of the three gifts. And they let nothing stop them from finding him and finally they find him back at Mary and Joseph house as a young child.

Just for a moment I wonder how many today would have had that faith for that is what it is that led them to Jesus…faith. And that is what leads us to Jesus today…faith. And I let my mind replay the scenes again from Joseph and Mary traveling with her great with child to no room at the inn and being in a stable. I lay here…just for a moment…and imagine what it would have been like to be one of the ones that found Jesus and knelt down to him in that stable.

What faith they had from the beginning. Joseph had faith to believe that Mary was carrying Jesus. Mary had faith that she was pregnant with Jesus. They had faith to know that when the angel appeared and told them to hurry away with the baby for there was danger, that they did it. The shepherds had faith to leave their sheep to go hunt him as did the wise men. I can imagine….just for a moment being on the swaying back of a camel riding in the dark looking for this messiah.

And just for a moment I will close my eyes in thanks to God for giving us his son so that we might live. Just for a moment I will feel the story alive in my head and heart will feel  that night so many, many years ago during a time when life was simpler and love and faith were so strong. And just for a moment my eyes will sparkle with the tears of overwhelming love and gratitude. And so to all I wish a very momentous Christmas. I pray this coming year will be a year of healing for all and a year where we learn to trust and have faith.

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