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Three Of My Favorite You Tube Family Vlogs

Simply danLrene signiaOne thing I learned this past year was to get rid of things I really do not need that take my time from things I really should be spending time on. So, we dropped our cable/satellite service. And the first couple of weeks I felt so out of kilter but now it is very normal. I watch the news on the internet. I watch documentaries and other channels on you tube when I can not sleep. Not all are good to watch but I want to share three reality video channels that are “daily vlogs” about their life as it seems to be the trend now. They are family oriented channels of three couples that I have grown to admire and respect. They are sharing their lives with people.

These three channels are three couples journey to have children. All of them have a lost a child at some point in their marriage and the you-tube channel takes you through the hurt and loss but also the triumph when they finally have that child they have dreamed of. I love watching these three channels because they are just so real. None of the fake stuff or thinking they are hot shots because they have a you tube channel. They all have a faith and hope that keeps them going. I hope you will check them out. They are shown below in no specific order.

Foolyliving is about a woman from Florida who fell in love with a soldier in Israel and married him. They show their life in Israel. I love to learn about different places. And Andrea and Hadar’s son Rafael is the most adorable little boy and of course there is Kitty who they have as a pet. They merge two different faiths in their family life and little Rafael is learning Jewish and English. I love watching them because Andrea is just such a sweet loving person and Hadar adores his wife and son and is a very involved father. They also do a cooking channel using natural products and making your own food without all the preservatives. This is how they are raising their son.

Cullen and Katie called Bamachick on you tube are from Alabama and they lost two babies before they finally had precious little Macy Gaines who they call Gaines. This is about a family who finally triumphed and got their precious daughter. They have two dogs and two cats and are just hardworking, caring and faith filled people who try to encourage others to do the right thing and to keep their faith. Cullen is the stay at home father which is a blessing to see. To see the love this couple has for each other and their child touches the heart.

And Jared and Ellie are a young couple that tried and tried to have children and finally with the help of professionals they conceived Jackson. And even with greater thrill, when Jackson was 9 months old, they conceived their second child on their own. They are faith filled people and always try to lead people to do what is right. Jared is a work at home father too. I love watching them because they love each other so much and little Jackson and are just very real people.

I love getting my coffee and watching the days vlog from each of these channels. I hope you will take the time to watch them at least just once. Just go to you tube and in the search box put the name that is in bold in each paragraph above and each one will take you to their channel. These are truly inspiring videos and no drama or filth is on them like many videos can have. They are all humbled that people love them so much and watch them instead of being egotistical. I just can not say enough about these channels.

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