My Message To ALL Politicians

Simply danLrene signiaThe world has certainly changed in the past years and part of that change has been in how those that run our country have changed. Now let me start with this caveat…..I am neither Republican nor Democrat nor Tea-party nor Independent nor any of the other Political parties. I am an American.

When I vote, I vote by person and not by party. To be honest I am sick of parties and all the political drama of the past years. So, being as I am older than dirt, here is my message to ALL politicians and as I find most politicians just skim things I am going to make it in bullets so it is easier to skim the blog and still get the message. Maybe I should put it in the News so that some of you read it but then again we have news media that has bias and does not tell all the news so that might not work. So here goes my message.


1. Remember why you were voted into office. It was to serve us not your own personal interests. It was not to make you rich as you pledged to serve the country. It was not so that you could push special agendas through. It was to serve the country and make America better.

2. Stop acting so childish and self-serving. I swear sometimes I feel like I am watching the kindergarten children I used to teach fighting over this or that and crying “Mine!”  “Mine!”  Your job is not about you. It is about the American people. And when I saw the behavior when the new congress and senate began, I was embarrassed as were many by those that could not lose gracefully and go on with the business of running the country.

3. Stop doing things many American people are telling you that they do not want for our country. America showed you they wanted change in this last election so instead of plotting to block the party in power now or block the party that was in power or block the president….why not work together for the good of our country?

And LIVE UP to the promises you made. It is like watching Sybil sometimes as you change your statements over and over from your years of being a politician and then swear you never said what is on video and in the news that you did say. Sometimes I want to yell and say “Will the real politician please stand up”.  The state of Colorado actually recalled politicians for not following through on their campaign promises. BE the politician that we thought you were when you ran for office.

4. Start standing up for our men and women in military in actions not just words and all those that have served. Take care of our vets and those in the service now and do not put them in harm’s way. It is deplorable that men and women who are putting their lives on the line for all of us…including you…are having to be on food stamps, are not getting the medical care they need and that many are dying before they get help. One day you will want them to protect you and where will you be? Stop making platitudes and actually do something to help.

5. Stop turning us into a welfare country. We have very capable men and women who can and do work, who want to work but can not find jobs and who really do not want to be dependent on the government. Create opportunities not more welfare programs.

6. START balancing the budget instead of acting like we can just keep printing off more money. I taught my kids to be responsible with money and to balance their checkbooks and after the first overdrawn or hard time, they learned to handle their money so you all can learn to handle the money that comes from the taxpayers too.

7. LEARN how to compromise. While some of you are arguing for one little thing, others are passing bills or putting people into positions that you are not aware of because you have a very narrow focus. And just to clarify, Compromise does not mean do it my way. It means learning how to give and take to get the most important job done.

8. STOP the racial divide. It again is like high school teams that line up with their team and that is the only team. Until we stop focusing on the differences in us such as sex, color, religion, etc, then we will never come together as a nation. We must focus on the things we have in common such as wanting equal pay, equal opportunity, caring about our country, working to fix any problems, and other things we all want to see happen.

We are all different and all have different races in us. I am NA, German, English, French, Scottish, Irish and Canadian. What made us the melting pot is that we blended our cultures instead of keeping them separate and focusing on one culture. That does not mean  to not be proud of your background for I am proud of all my cultures. I like learning about all of them but what I love most is that I am an American. That is my home. Being of one culture or the other does not make that culture more important than another.

9. STOP attacking each other and name calling and hunting up trash on each other to put on the internet and the news. Trust me when I say we are smart enough to research you all out ourselves. We do not need it daily in the news, on the television or on the radio.

10. START defending and standing up for our country. If we do not respect and love our country, no one else will respect us either: Defend the country, fix things that need fixing, and remove people in positions that need to be removed. And when all the stupid crap that goes on comes out on the news media, we show the rest of the world that we are a divided nation and we should not be. And believe me when I say, people are smart enough to know when things are being withheld so stopping the media from reporting the things some of you do in office or say is not part of your job. The media are supposed to be the watchdog though some are failing miserably at that and they should report when you all do things in secret, make decisions that are against what you said, etc.

Now, I am sure many of you politicians will roll your eyes and act like what I just said is dumb but if you are the real deal, you will stop a minute and focus on things you do that you might could do differently to make our country the best it can be.


Simply danLrene…an American who loves her country.

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