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That Boogie Man Called Fear

Simply danLrene signiaThere is a boogie man who keeps us from doing what we desire. It is called fear. It can be fear of failure, fear of it being too hard, fear of embarrassing ourselves, fear of relapsing when chronically ill….so many fears. There is a key to help overcome this boogie man. And it is letting your heart’s desire lead the way.

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Being chronically ill, it is easy to succumb to that fear and not try anything. I can remember when I got over my first major surgery and I was literally afraid to move. I was afraid I would undo the work they did on my back, afraid of the horrible pain coming back, afraid I would fall ….and the list went on.

Now, you all by now should know I am a fighter and little stops me from trying. When we become immobilized by fear, it can hinder us from doing what our hearts really want. So, I had to have a serious talk with myself and decide what was more important. Was fear going to rule the way or was my dream to be up going to rule the way.

Part of that talk included some basic facts. What if pain came back?  Well, then I would ease back a little but keep going. If it got too bad, I could call the doctor. What if I fell? I realized that I had to handle these things or I would never get back on my feet. If I was afraid of falling then I put precautions into place. I used a walker or a cane or a friend’s arm to walk with.

Fear can make us almost panic or fall into that depression because we are not moving and make us totally become inert. And I do not mean the illness depression, I mean depressed which can affect our health. I had to decide which was going to win….the fear or my desire to be up walking.

Sometimes we do not have to have all the answers to go forward. We just have to have a plan that will cover the basics like I said earlier. Whatever I was afraid of, I needed to have a plan in place so that I felt more confident. Sometimes we can think we need to have all the answers and until we do, we will not do anything. But, that does not have to be the only way. Sometimes all it takes is one step forward to get things rolling.

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In order to fight a battle, you must first name what the problem is. Once you have done that it becomes less formidable and easier to handle. Never let fear rule you. Just start moving forward and let the inertia carry you. Believe in yourself.

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