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Life is a balancing act and we have to…HAVE TO…be in charge of that balance or scale that helps keep life on a level where we are not consumed by too much of this or that. Too much partying, too much food, too much alcohol, too much arguing,  too much negativity,  too much pain and sorrow, too much noise, too much light, too many people, too much heinous in the news…just plain too much of anything in our lives.

Why do we need balance?  Simply put, because too much of one thing can tip the scales and throw us into a situation where we are not ourselves. Some things can cause us to feel bad such as too much alcohol or too much food and we can feel bad for days. Some things can assault or senses and make us feel weak and shaky. Too much negativity, horrible news on the television, news stories on the internet can bring our inner joy down to a level that causes us to become negative or feel in despair. Too much pain can destroy our day, crowds can make us feel overwhelmed. These things not only affect us emotionally, they can affect us physically.

What do we do about the “too much” things?  We have to make conscious decisions and stick to them. I have a boundary that says if a person stays too negative even when you try to encourage them and remain that way over time, I put distance between myself and them for if I do not, they will suck the joy out of me.

Some things you just have to learn to say “NO” to. Some things is all a matter of  turning off the radio, television, or to turn off the internet so that you are not bombarded with stuff. Some things such as pain we can not change at least on our own so we have to get help through our doctors.

And some things are just a matter of us choosing what is best for us no matter how much we want to do it. I know that if I were to go to a mall, I would crash for days as I can not handle the crowds, the lights, the noise, the smells, etc. So, I choose to not go. I also choose not to drink, choose not to smoke, choose not to party because I know what they will do to me. It is a matter of choice. I want to eat something sweet, I eat a small serving instead of over indulging.

Life is all about choices. And while some things we do not choose, we can choose how we deal with them. There is always a choice of some sort and choosing to not make a choice is a choice in itself.

Because of a back injury, I am back flat on my back in bed with someone taking care of me. I can not fix my food or clean house or do laundry. I need help with everything right now. They worked on my back to try to get me more comfortable and it did not work. So, now I will be choosing to go to Denver to get it taken care of. I have choices I have had to make. I could lay here complaining that I can do nothing or I can find a way to deal with this like I have in the past and still find my joy. That joy may be my sweet Daisy snuggling me or watching a documentary or just laying here in silence enjoying the quiet. It is my choice.

I choose to balance my scale and I choose to make choices that make my life better not worse. Sometimes that choice is acceptance that I can not change anything right now.  Take advantage of your own choices and you will find life can be a lot happier. If I can not change it, then I accept it. If I can do something to make life better, I do it. It is all choices.

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