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Simply danLrene signiaNo one has said life will be easy, that there will be no challenges, that there will be no sadness or anything else. Life is just life. We will face all sorts of things as we go through life and I had to develop a game plan to make it through with all the medical I have going on.

I think it is very important to realize how powerful words are. They can encourage, they can discourage, they can mislead, and they can affect our journey of life and our survival. As a society, the world seems to be caught up in all the information available online and often it is a detriment of ourselves.

I do not take on the words of others and make them part of my life. I do not let other people’s words decide how I view life. And I realize that everything everyone says goes through the filters and reactions of each person. I study things out, I look to form my own opinions and I try hard to not let myself be swayed by the fear, excitement, etc of others.

This guideline can be applied in most aspects of life. For example, say someone is dating a nice man but a friend who had a real cheater starts expounding on her cheating man. If the person with the nice man is not careful, she can begin to start looking at her man wondering if he is cheating, etc. That is what I mean by taking on the words of others. There is this emotional transfer that can happen.

I am the same way about my health. I do not listen to people tell me all the symptoms, side effects, etc that they have because it can plant something in my subconscious. A friend asked me to help her through her chemo. I told her I would and chemo started. Then I realized one day just from things my friend was saying that she was researching all the side effects of chemo, all the symptoms of how she would feel and suddenly she had everything on the lists. Those lists are just to mention things that “Might” happen not that definitely will happen.

And so when I started treatment drugs, I asked the doctor anything to watch for that might need me to come see him and he told me. Other than that, I did not read all the side effects or symptoms of the illness. After I had been on the treatment drugs about four months, then I went and looked. It said nausea, which I had but was able to combat with certain nausea pills, tiredness, aches and pains, and then a bunch of stuff that “could” happen. I only had the nausea, tiredness and hair loss. And I attribute this to not taking on all those well-meaning people who wanted to tell me how bad these treatment drugs are and how bad RA was and all the symptoms they had. If I had listened I probably would have gone to bed and not gotten up again.

The mind is like a sponge and if we are not careful, we can take on words that we do not need to absorb. It is like all the things said about how people look, etc and how it can affect their image of themselves. Sometimes people can sound like a text-book when talking about themselves, whether it be medical, beauty, weight loss, etc. People tell what they have felt and it does not mean we will feel the same way.

I believe in learning our own set of standards on what we like or what the disease, prescriptions, beauty products, weight loss products, etc might do to me. This is one of the reasons I do not do illness support groups for it is a lot of swapping symptoms and people suddenly having what someone else has. The power of suggestion is strong and if a person is not very sure of themselves they can get sucked in. The same for beauty vlogs/blogs, weight loss, how to decorate, how to raise my kids, etc. And believe me when I say, the world if full of people who are ready and willing to tell you what you have done wrong, how painful something is, how you should not use this or that. And so I opt to use my own brain and my own thoughts and research.

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