Healing and Curing

Simply danLrene signiaRecently I read a link on the internet about a man dealing with cancer and chemo. He talks about being cured, which everyone hopes for. But, he also talks about how being healed was more important and he set out on a quest to heal himself. This is the link         http://philscamino.com/phils-story-text-2         and he is fundraising to make his story into a movie.

I am sure many are scratching their heads and wondering what is the difference between healing and curing. When I read this man’s link, I realized that I knew exactly what he was talking about for I have preached for a long time about how important emotional healing is for us to heal physically. I believe that is one reason I am still here after being sick so long..I am healed though I am not cured. And I may never be completely cured but I am healed. My heart and mind are free of those negative energies that keep us from becoming better physically.

Being cured of course means the disease, etc is no more. Even though people with cancer can be deemed cured, they still have the fear of it coming back. Many auto immune diseases are never cured. It is called going into remission.  And yes, of course we want to be cured. But being cured relies on the actions of those outside ourselves such as doctors, etc.

I have discovered that being healed is much more important as health issues are not so easily resolved. Being healed has to do with your heart, your mind, your soul, your happiness and how you live your life. For years, I have said that I have held onto my happiness no matter how bad it got. I work hard to do that and I resolve what needs to be resolved.

Being healed means forgiving….forgiving people, things, life, etc. It means accepting whatever comes your way and realizing that it is not a punishment on you. Being healed means resolving resentments, anger, hatred, etc whether it is at a person or at what is happening to you in life. Often people fight against and rail against their illness, hardship, divorce, loss of loved one, etc and not being healed affects their health.

I have learned that if you are healed then it is easier for you to live your life, fight the battles and not be consumed with all the emotions that can happen. Healing yourself gives you an advantage and makes it where you are better able to deal with hardships and have a better chance at having a happier life even if you are never cured.

When you think about what life has dealt you, think about being healed so that you can deal with these things in life. Healing is spiritual in the sense that it means healing your heart, the grief, the loss, the anger, the hatred, the resentment, the negativity, the anguish, the sorrow, the feelings of helplessness and if you are like me, it means healing with my Creator. And if you can not heal yourself, go to someone who can help you and guide you.

I realized today after reading that article that I am not a Pollyanna. I am just healed. And being healed gives me the space to work on my physical health. Many will not understand because they are not healed and so all those emotions that can tear our core down are making them sicker and sicker. So, try healing first while working on curing.

NOTEPlease forgive my irregularity in posting. I am going through some hard health issues and sometimes just do not have physical strength to write. I hope you will stick around for I am not abandoning my blog and will get back to regular posts. I have medical tests coming up that make it harder but son is getting me Dragon speak so I can just talk and type. 🙂 So many times I think of you all that read my blog and think of the things I want to write but getting them down on paper has been hard. But that is ok…I am still here. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Healing and Curing

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  2. First of all, ThkQ for following my blog.
    With Ur permission, I will link to this post.
    I LUV this explanation of the difference between being healed and being cured! I knew it, but U put it in words that brought understanding to me as never before.

    “Being healed means forgiving… people, things, life, etc. It means accepting whatever comes your way and realizing that it is not a punishment on you”

    Every so often, I read a blog, listen to a podcast, hear a sermon that helps me to recognize and “get” what God’s been showing me.

    ThkQ for being today’s messenger from Him.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. Took me a long time to understand this and to understand how much our emotional and spiritual state can affect our physical health. I have been accused of being a pollyanna because I am an upbeat positive and happy person inspite of being in this hospital bed almost all the time. I get great joy in studying the Bible too. The man whose link I saw put it into real perspective for me. I too knew it in my head but this showed me in my heart. Thanks again.

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