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It’s All About Survival

Simply danLrene signia From the moment we are formed in the womb, it becomes all about survival in almost every aspect of our lives. This is a concept I had to learn at a young age and still manage to survive.

survival: the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

Every minute of our lives is spent on survival. Will we survive the 9 months in the womb? Will we survive birth? Will we survive any illness or sickness that comes our way. Will we survive the teen years? Will our marriages survive? Will I survive the loss of my loved one? And the list goes on. We see tee shirts with writing on them that says everything from “I survived the storm of 2015” to “I survived the forest fires of 2014”. Survival….the name of the game of life.

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Living up is not surviving or existing. Giving in is just existing and giving it all you have got is surviving. To me, challenges in life are like a dare…like something daring to try to steal my joy and it brings the warrior out in me. It is a choice to live beyond the moment. I think the hardest part is when we try to make others be our surviving force and they can only walk with us, cheer us on and help to a certain degree. And we all need encouragement. And then comes the moment when we have to step up to the plate and put on our war gear and do battle. Will it be easy? My answer is hell no. Will it be worth it? My answer is oh yeah.

Some acts of survival need mental strength and some physical strength but I truly believe most require hope and faith. Sometimes survival is purely survival of the fittest and we see that a lot in nature or in deprived countries. Sometimes the survival requires extra help as in doctors or hospitals or caregivers. Normally it requires a plan of some sort to survive. Notice the definition at the top says to live or “exist” in spite of circumstances. I am one of those survivors that wants to do more than just exist and I make a conscious choice to do just that. To me, living includes feeling joy, happiness, love, and progress of some form even it is it second by second.

Son and I survived the financial crash of a few years ago by giving up things, working together to do whatever needed to be done to survive. And I have spent the last 35 years surviving illness, disability and it seems new medical issues happen often that require resilience and determination to survive. I have survived due to making a plan that I follow. The plan does not have to be elaborate. It just needs to be there. And we just need to keep to the plan so that we do not fall off the wagon into despair, sadness or defeat.

My plans are simple and a few steps. I can survive a battle as long as I know what the battle is. Does it mean the battle will not take my life? No, but that is where my faith comes in. I know there is life beyond this world. So, to me, surviving is not allowing whatever the battle is…sickness, pain, loss, etc…to take my happiness from me or to destroy my hope and faith. Happiness is something I control and I am in charge of and that is how I have survived these many years.

I know from my faith that even when I seem to be battling in solitude that I am never alone and I know that no matter what happens to me, I will be alright as I will either be here or the next world. For example, right now, I know what I am battling and so I have plans on how I will fight this battle. I know what things I will do to make it easier, what I can not do and how I will keep my spirits up. It is all about surviving/living and not just existing. We can not always change what happens to us but we can change how we deal with it.



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  1. That last quote is wonderful. The financial crash hit us very hard, too. Difficult and made more difficult as age and health creates more issues. Easier if you can forget what you had, plan with what you’ve got, and follow the advice that quote offers. What other choice? Big smiles and waves sent

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | March 31, 2015 | Reply

    • thanks Karen. It is what we do and at my age the only thing I can do because I can’t change what has happened. HUGS and smiles to you too. 🙂

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2011 | March 31, 2015 | Reply

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