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Patience Is A Virtue

Simply danLrene signiaAll my life I have heard that patience is a virtue and I am sure it is. Just to give you a little background on me before I start writing on this, patience is NOT one of my fortes. Or at least it did not used to be. My constant health problems have helped me learn patience.

My son has dubbed me “Impatience Marie” and I will have to take the title. When I would plant flower seeds, I wanted flowers the next day. And when I had a health crisis such as not being able to use my legs…… well, I want to walk again the next day. So, I definitely am an “impatient Marie”.

Now, having said that, I will say that patience is a virtue. Some people I do believe are born with patience but this is not true for many of us. I think we have to learn how to be patient. There are so many things out the world to attract us and like a kid in the candy shop, we can be so impatient to have them that we do not make the best choices and can end up in debt really quickly. It is much easier to swipe that credit card and yet the cost in interest outweighs the goodness of getting what was wanted right now.

Son and I have learned a great deal of patience these past few years as we simplified our lives, got rid of debt through sacrifice and we continue to hold fast to the money first theory. It took a lot of saving for son to get his Nook, an item he had wanted for over a year. And the look on his face when he got it was worth the wait. And it was paid for with cash. A long time ago that is how people got things. They saved the money and went and bought it. And then, along came credit cards and now most of the country is caught up in debt. Patience can be a life saver. It has been for us.

I think as we age and mature, we begin to understand more what is truly important and we quit wishing our time away for we realize we only have a certain length of time here in this world. Things like family and loved ones become more important than the new TV or other things. Time becomes more important that owning items or going to events.

And so, a certain sense of patience seems to grow in us. Yes, I have had dreams all my life of this and that and then one day I realized that if I never got what I had dreamed of, as long as I had my loved ones and a roof over my head that was all I needed. My impatience for the material things in life waned.

Another area we learned patience in was in spending money. You know, if you are not careful you can go through a lot of money in a hurry. And so we learned to choose wiser and make better decisions. Some things we should act on quicker are things of the heart and of loved ones.  Do not wait to let them know how much you love them. Do not put off calling or seeing them for we never know when our time comes. To me that (other than emergencies like fire) is the only time we should forget about patience and just act. Life is too short to wait on the memories, on seeing our loved ones or telling them how much we love them or even spending time with.

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