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Happy Easter

Simply danLrene signiaHappy Easter Sunday folks. This is my way of sharing the joy of my faith with those around me. I had a friend that I lost a few yeas ago and I miss her a lot. What do I miss the most? I miss how we used to share our faith and traditions with each other. See, she was Jewish and I am Baptist. People today are so afraid of saying Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, etc with others because of all the political correctness that is going on today. People just look for something to get “offended” over instead of just enjoying life.

Audrey and I used to talk a lot about our faiths and we each learned how the other believed. She would wish me Happy Hanukkah and I would wish her a Merry Christmas. I would talk about Resurrection Sunday and she would tell me about Passover. She would tell me of the prayers they did and I would tell her of the meaning of the holiday to my faith. And what a beautiful thing it was.

Today we have become a world of intolerance. If people do not do it exactly like someone else wants, there is a ruckus. People say I am offended if you tell me Happy Easter or talk about Passover. And my take on this is “get over yourself”. This world does not revolve around  you. I love learning how others believe and think. Just because I listen and enjoy hearing does not diminish my faith any. In fact it strengthens it.

So, today I share my joy of Easter Sunday known to us as Resurrection Sunday. Why is it called that by our church? It is called that because this is the day we celebrate the resurrection of my Lord and Savior after he was crucified. So, it is a very important holiday to us. You come in our little church and you will see Easter Lilies and flowers everywhere. You will see the communion trays set up and covered and the Sunday School lessons and songs will be about Christ rising from the dead. This is our belief. It does not make our belief any less valid or meaningful to you.

Audrey would explain the prayers and all they did for Passover and the foods they eat. I loved hearing it and on my visit to her a few weeks before she died, I got to see what her church and her faith was like. It was really a wonderful experience. I was so thankful that she and I could share our faith with each other. And it is an experience I have carried with me since she passed away.

We do not have to tear down another person’s faith to build our own up. I think this is why this Resurrection Sunday is so tender to me this year.  I see so much anger, hostility, intolerance and just plain down right hate around the world and putting down of others. So, today I offer you a gift from my heart and that gift is sharing the joy of my faith. I hope you will share with someone today the joy of your faith and perhaps memories from your childhood of the faith you had/have.

For me, Resurrection Sunday is about what the song “Because He Lives” says. It all for me….”because He lives…I can face tomorrow”.  Wishing you a beautiful day no matter where you live. Love from our home to yours.

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