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The Invisible Things In Life

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Life is filled with so many things and many of these things end up being overlooked or taken for granted because they seem to be hidden from our view. And yet, some of these hidden things are more important than many things in life. We live in a very “me…me…me” world and people focus on themselves at this point and time more than I have ever seen it. So many people do not want to view the realities around the world or even in our own country and so the invisible things disappear even more, the tensions rise even higher and the country and the world stand on the ledge of destruction.

Poverty is one of those things overlooked by many. I heard one person say that if it did not affect them, they did not care about it. I am realistic enough to know we can not save the world but we can help those in our own little circle of the world. As I write this blog, each day about 21,000 people die in the world from starvation and poverty. One of those hidden things in our lives but not so hidden for those in need of food and help. Had I not looked,  I would not even know that number and that is one area I try to focus on…helping others in need of food and clothing, etc.

The chronically ill and disabled are often part of the hidden things in the world. Of course, being chronically ill and disabled myself,  this is an area of importance to me. The world tends to show a blind eye in so many ways. Many places, even though they are supposed to be, are not handicapped accessible. Personally, I think all homes should have a handicap entrance. But, because it is a hidden thing, people do not think when they buy their houses of those that might not can come see them due to their disability or illness. Nor, do they think that one day they may need a handicapped entrance. And it makes the disabled and chronically ill people’s world so much smaller because of this overlooking them. Yes, there are advocates for people like me but sometimes the work is too difficult for us to fight to be seen.

Abuse is another area in our lives that is often overlooked and hidden. People will turn a blind eye because they do not want to be involved and so the abuse keeps happening and it is right there in plain view but hidden because it is overlooked. I do not like to get involved in other people’s lives but when it comes to abuse of any kind…children, elderly, disabled or chronically ill or even pets…I will report it and I will try to stop it.

Another area in the world that is hidden is the loneliness of so many people. I am blessed to be living with my son and I have my sweet Daisy who also keeps me company. But, there are many people in this world who live alone, who are elderly or who are disabled or chronically ill and have no one to show them love, care and kindness. We may realize that this person or that person we see appears to have no one, but do we make the effort to go visit them? My son not only takes care of me, he goes to help a couple of the elderly women in our church and takes them shopping or gives them rides or picks up things for them. There are so many who just want someone to care, to listen to them and to help them when things are really tough.

I was watching videos about JFK and although I did not agree with all he did, I was inspired by how he and his brother RFK cared about people in need, cared about those living in poverty and the racial disparity. JFK started the Peace Corps to help other countries and worked here in our own country to try to help in other areas. But, since that time, it has become an emotional war zone and everyone is arguing not helping. And so the things I mentioned earlier in this blog get overlooked.

I see so much division and that is one thing that is not invisible. When I see a picture of a group of people of one race holding a sign that stays “We stand united” my first thought is that picture should include us all in this country and we should all stand united like we did after 9/11. When the invisible things keep us from seeing the reality, we can not heal. Peace, harmony, strength and all the other great attributes get lost. And when we continue to allow things to remain invisible, we become even more divided and hopes of peace, love, kindness, unity and compassion, fall by the way side.  Some things in this world and in this country we can no longer ignore.

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