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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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Part of the joy from fulfilling dreams lies in the dreaming of them. We take them apart piece by piece trying to make the dream work. We anticipate what is going to happen and we work for the dream. The truth is some dreams never manage to come true but we still can have much joy dreaming the dreams.

Dreaming gives us this wonderful feeling inside and fills us with hope for the future and hope is such an important thing to have in life. No matter how bad it gets, the hope that this dream will come true can carry us through.

Remember all those dreams you have, they are YOUR dreams and you have the right to dream them, to work for them and to have them come true. We dreamed of moving out here to the mountains for over a  year or so before we got here. We worked hard and we believed so much in this dream that we started packing and working towards it. Same way to our move here to this tiny town. We dreamed this for over two y ears and finally made it.

Always hold tight to those dreams. Just remember that seldom do dreams just fall into your lap. You have to work for them.  And the joy is beyond words when the dream comes true. The nice thing about dreams is no matter your age, circumstances or whatever….you can always dream.

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