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What The Old Ones Know

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What The Old Ones Know

Patinas, silvers and faded browns

dimming lights and diminishing sounds

Creaking hinges and crooked doors

gnarly feet on wooden floors

Robbers enter to steal our health

a possession far greater than any wealth

Strength wanes likes the ocean tides

making life turn into bumpy rides

Minds can defeat us on crimson rose

stopping the rise on warrior toes

Defeat looks like hedge roses so bright

lovely to smell and looks so right

A warrior knows what lurks deep inside

all the thorns the lovely roses can hide

The thorns of weakness, self-pity and blame

being a warrior is not playing a game

Being a warrior means choosing to fight

and choosing to see the happiness light

The elders know the pain and sorrow of life

they know it can slice like the blade of a knife

Must you become patina, silver and faded browns

before you know where happiness can be found?

danLrene 2013

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