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Being Imperfectly Perfect

Simply danLrene signiaLife is hard and it becomes even harder when people set themselves up to be perfect. Religion aside, there is no one perfect and this is setting ourselves up for failure. So, I say work towards being imperfectly perfect, which means accepting the things you can not change and working to change things that are feasible to change .

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I think when we are young, we start out wanting to do everything we can and we run from this to that to something else trying to taste all on the buffet of life. We want it all and we want it now. And then there are those that want to be perfect at every thing they do. They want to be the perfect parent, the perfect spouse, the perfect friend, the perfect everything. That is a lot of stress loaded on that truck of perfection.

And what happens is they never really get to enjoy life because they are so busy working to be perfect. Everything must come before they will take time to just be with loved ones and look at all the time that is lost. This is why I say we should strive to be imperfectly perfect. Have you ever seen the parent who will not give into leaving the dishes in the sink and stress themselves and lose the time with their child they could have?

I am sure by now you all are asking how does one go about being imperfectly perfect. It really is simple if you allow the “perfection demon” loose for a while. Decide what is important and then decide which is MOST important. It has always been more important to me to spend time with my sons as they were growing up than it was to be the perfect housewife. Next, stop worrying about what people might think or say.This is your life and if you do not step up and live it like you want it to be, then someone else will do it for you.

Second step is to stop trying to live an illusion and be yourself. I remember someone who was about to have a house inspection and it was required that professional cleaners come in and clean after all their stuff was moved out. This person spent hours and hours cleaning their house BEFORE the cleaners came. Why? They did that because they worried what the cleaners might say if they found dirt somewhere. I can remember when my boys were young and the divorce happened and not one person knew my ex and I were having problems. Why?  Because I was too embarrassed to let anyone know so I kept trying to keep my world perfect: perfect wife, perfect husband, perfect children and perfect marriage.

And last, learn to laugh. We can get so caught up in being the perfect person that we lose our ability to laugh at life in general and most of all at ourselves. I have worn my shirt wrong side out in public, gone to teach school wearing elephant slippers and many other things. I have gone to the gynecologist with glitter all over the insides of my legs because I was doing crafts with my sons and forgot the time and had glitter on my hands when I put on clean underwear and clothes. I have sat in Bible study talking about love and trust and out of my mouth came the words “without lust there is no love” when what I meant to say was without trust there is no real love. I have burnt meals and learned to call them garbage can trophies. And you know what?  It did not kill me and yes people laughed and I learned to laugh too.

I am imperfectly perfect. Took me a long time to say that because I am also disabled and I did not want people to know. So, I pushed myself and caused myself to get worse all because I wanted to seem perfect. Now, I have admitted to myself that I am imperfectly perfect. I do not do everything right. I do not say everything right and I make many mistakes  But the greatest part of all is that I have accepted my imperfections and no longer care what others think of me and so I live a very happy life. Try it sometime. Just make the step to accept yourself as you are, work on what you can and laugh, love and be imperfectly perfect.

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