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Simply danLrene signiaI am one of these people who does not like to talk about all the things going on in my life that are hard or bad and so I have just been quiet and not writing….which I hate not writing. So, today is fess up day to some degree. The past few months have been extremely hard. I had worked up to standing and taking a few steps and then my neuropathy and my spine decided to do me in and my L5 nerve was shot and I could no longer stand. They did the electrical and muscle stimulator test and were getting no response from my legs. The doctor kept raising the electricity trying to get a reaction out of my legs and nothing. He looked at me wide-eyed and said “Can you even feel this?”   I said no.

What I feel is like my legs are these heavy weights I am carrying around. So, I am working once again to sit up and to stand up and I will make it. I told my pain doctor that I refuse to live in this bed and I will stand again and he looked at my son and said “She is stubborn isn’t she.”  and smiled. He knows me well and he knows I work on solutions and do not linger on the problems or all that is wrong. This has been since January. I can now sit up in my power chair. I have a trapeze bar over my bed to help me pull up and get in my chair. It would have been so nice to have had a drive in van or a used shuttle bus as getting in and out of the van is quite a challenge but hey, I have some great biceps now and grab the grab bar over the door frame and pull up.

We have had several medial issues happen to myself and to my son who is my caretaker and so it has left us both drained and we have been in rest and recuperate mode. Now, I am starting to feel better over all physically. Son has been through a heart stress test and has been referred to a cardiologist and today he fell and now his wrist is in a brace and he injured his knee and his hip and is banged up. So, as you can tell, writing has been out of the question.

You know what?  In spite of all these things, life is still good. I still believe that we are in charge of our happiness and things, people and places can not bring us happiness. It lies within our hearts. Those things bring us joy but they can also disappear at any time. So, I wake up each morning smiling and thanking God that I am still here. Why?  Because I still can. I look around for things to be joyful about. Why?  Because I still can. And I am so thankful for all I have instead of worrying about all I can no longer do. Why?  Because I still can.

Make today your day to take charge of your happiness. Learn to enjoy yourself and learn to find the good things in life that do not necessarily involve you paying money or having to go anywhere. And let your love shine for all to see for you might the be bright spot in someone’s life that needs lifting. Why do that?  Because you can. Do the things you can do, that you love to do even if it is just looking out the window at the sunshine. Why?  Because you can.

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  1. Ty you are a wonder for sure. It is good to hear from you. Wish you could catch a break I am glad you have your son with you he is a gem too. I believe your other dog was a wonder dog knot sure what you call this sweetie. I have great granddaughter sweet and very pretty. My granddaughter had a real hard time sick the whole time but the baby made it fine. I don’t always make it on here but love seeing posts from good friends. God Bless You Dar

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    Comment by Darlene Harrison | May 14, 2015 | Reply

    • thanks Dar…this dog is called Daisy. She is a little dog. part Chihuahua and part minitiature Italian greyhound. So glad the baby came find…Hugs and love to you hon.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | May 14, 2015 | Reply

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