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Condemn, Take To Trial, Judge and Execute

Simply danLrene signiaHave we become a judgmental society? Sigh.  I wish I could say no, not at all considering we are a large part a Christian society and not judging should be part of that. And yet what I see going on not just in our country but around the world in many places is a lot of judging going on.

I read the news, I read social media and what I read is people ready to condemn, judge and hang people before the facts are known. We say that in our country we are innocent until proven guilty but I do not always see that happening. Take Ferguson for an example. People, politicians, spokespeople that should be leading instead of misleading….all had already tried and convicted the cop that was involved in the shooting. They did not know the facts, they had not seen all the evidence and yes they were ready to convict and serve a sentence of death. The officer was not charged by the city, state or even by the Justice Department and yet the mouths of those in charge helped ruin this man’s life.

How quick are you to form an opinion on things like this when you see it before any evidence has been shown?  A lot are pretty dang quick. And when we take the step to assume we know all the information, then we are taking a very bad step. Turns out in many cases that what was reported on the media (shame on them) and what was said by politicians from the top down were not right. And all I could think was I hope I never get arrested because I would never stand a chance because of the judgmental attitude that is so predominate here in this country.

I wish people would slow down and wait for facts no matter the situation before they pronounce a verdict without facts.

video by Alex Bonston

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