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How easy it is to take for granted all the things you are able to do until the moment you start losing the ability. This is a topic close to my heart for being disabled and chronically ill, I have lost a lot of things that I use to just do with ease by myself.

When we are young, we think we are invincible and do not really think about what might happen if we no longer can do this. I think learning how to value what you have comes with age and maturity not that young people can not gain that insight. They just gain it early when they do.

So many things we never think about and that was brought home to me yesterday.  I prayed and prayed to go to a concert here in our tiny town to hear Whey Jennings and his band. Some years ago, I would have gotten dressed, ran through the rain, driven myself and went and listened to the outdoor concert and eaten the free food. But, I can no longer do that. I must depend on someone else to help me. And I have to take into account all sorts of things like the rain that might cause me to get sick. And I cried tears of frustration that I might not get to go.  I did make it but it was a struggle and when the rain returned, we had to rush to the van and get me inside quickly and come home. This is me with #Whey Jennings and is a memory I will cherish the rest of my life. And I would say that Waylon Jennings is very proud of his grandson as he is a very nice young man and a good singer too.


There are things we just take for granted. The ability to walk, run, sit, stand, drive ourselves, take care of ourselves, and even do simple things. That is just part of the list. We often take for granted our loved ones thinking they will be here always and then one day they are gone either by leaving or by dying. We take for granted that we will have all the time in the world with our children and then one day, they are grown up and on their own. We take for granted that we will always be able to work or get another job.

Life is fleeting and if we are not careful we can find ourselves looking back with regret that we did not do things differently. How we live our lives, what we value, and how we love others can all disappear in the blink of an eye. Our talents are meant to be used and I believe in using it to help others. When have a physical strength, we should keep using is so we do not lose it. And when we love others, we should make sure we do what we need to so so that if it ends, we can live in peace with what happens.

Sit around and look at what you have and who is in your life, what you can do on your own, and think about what life would be without that. We won’t miss those things until they are gone from us. This is a poem I love and how I live my life even as sick as I am.

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