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Simply danLrene signiaToday we hear all about take all three and get it bundled on Cable and Satellite TV. Bundling can be good but sometimes bundling happens without us asking for it. Life is a great example of this. It is easy to assume that we live on an island and nothing we do affects anyone else but that is simply not true. Every person we come in contact with we can have an effect on but to take it a little more seriously….we can affect even the contacts of those we come in contact with for the person that sees us or hears us can go back and repeat what we say and do and that can give the impression that this or that is an acceptable behavior.

If we do good things or bad things it can trickle out to all around us. Whether we like it or not someone is always watching what we do and some are using it as a role model to follow. This has made me stop and think a few times when I am about to do something for I do not want to lead anyone in the wrong direction. All it takes is that one moment of losing our temper or talking down to someone or deciding that when a cashier gives back too much change we should keep it or not doing the job I am paid to do or screaming at my child who is acting out, or putting that store item in our pocket or being disrespectful,  etc for us to give a lasting impression to others of who we are. Someone is always watching and they may never say anything but they carry that act with them as an example of what we are showing is acceptable behavior.

Yes, many people are judgmental and quick to judge but unfortunately that is a fact today. We can not blame that if we are being inappropriate for we need to be accountable for our own actions. It does not matter what others do because we have the choice to do right. That is one thing that bothers me around the country and world today is when people want to use excuses for not doing right, excuses or blaming someone else for why they did something wrong, etc. The truth is we have choices and it is up to us to make the choice. It may not be an easy choice but it is still a choice. And NOT choosing to do is a choice.

Life is bundled and it affects all those we come into contact with. We may only see a person one time, but if we are doing wrong then we can affect that person and their view of what is right and wrong. Oh, I know we hear many people say they did not ask to be a role model or for others to copy them. We do not have to ask for it. We do not live on an island. We live in this world and we are at some point in our lives going to be a model for someone’s behavior. Yes, the choice is up to them to follow what we do but that does not excuse us from needing to do the right thing. It is a bundle just like my internet, phone and television. When one goes wonky, all three can go wonky.

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