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Thundering Hooves

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Thundering Hooves

Thundering hooves and warriors cries
Battles lost with relentless tries
Heads raised high on moonlit nights
Always believing in lifelong rights
Hope lying deep in the heart of man
Hope,part of the Great Spirit’s plan
Last night, the moon cast you into my heart
So, I lit the sage to send you my part
Return to nature to begin to heal
For is only in nature we really feel
Raise your face to the sun, feel the heat
Stand on the earth and stomp your feet
Let the vibrations of life fill you up
Like drinking pure water from a hand you cup
Breathe in the air from the mountain top
The song of nature and harmony does not stop
It is man that creates the havoc and wars
For in nature there are no slamming doors
We came from earth and were meant to run free
Like the soaring eagle or the smallest bee
We know the way taught by our elders of old
They speak of nature and not of things sold
We must return this earth to what is right
And listen to each other without the fight
Peace and harmony can be in every heart
But is within our hearts that we must start

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