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Peace And Tranquility In The Country

Simply danLrene signiaThere is nothing so beautiful nor tranquil as the country. I love living in tiny town USA because we have deer roaming through our yards, and the rabbits and birds are all around our front yard. It is so nice to be able to sit at my living room window or on the porch and just watch the animals and birds in the yard or look at my flowers. That is how I restore my peace.





That was just at my house in tiny town USA on the outskirts of this tiny town. We can ride for less than ten minutes and be on the Open Range which is where the horses are allowed to run free. They come up to the vehicle within about ten feet and the rolling hills and the sounds of the horses is absolute paradise to me.





As you can see, the dirt road is right there in this last picture. I have not been able to ride out here to the open range in three years and what a treat it was for me and for me to take the pictures from the van. If you ever want to clear your head, restore peace and relaxation into our life, then head for the country. It does it every time for me.

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