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Are You Working Your Dream?

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We all have dreams from the time we are small. I think the older we get the more we realize that dreams come and go and some happen and some do not. As an adult, we dream of different things such as a home, a vehicle, children, a job, etc. I can remember dreaming of healthy children when I had my sons and I did get that at least when they were born.

I think the one thing people do not think about when they dream is that dreams seldom just fall into our laps. We have to work our dream and by that it means doing whatever you can to have that dream come true. I dreamed of living to see my grand baby grow up and to accomplish that I had to move miles away from her to a drier climate that was healthier for me. Working the dream can require some hard choices. I chose to live away from her so that I could watch her grow up in pictures, videos and talk on the phone or Skype. A very hard choice.

Many times people are afraid to dream. They are afraid of being disappointed or failing at their dream. Part of the joy of dreams IS the dreaming and it is also the anticipation of having it come true. I learned in my older than dirt wisdom to understand that sometimes fulfilling the dream was not the purpose of the dream. The joy came in the actual dreaming and working the dream. Never let fear hold you back from dreaming. I realized one day that yes, sometimes I will get disappointed but it is up to me to reap all the joy from the dreaming I can. If I let fear hold me back, I will never experience what it is like to want something and to work towards it. A lot of the satisfaction in dreaming comes from the working for the dream.

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Our dreams change as we get older. I dream of a world with peace, a world with less hatred and anger, a world that is safer to live in and a world less corrupt. I also dream of doing something that will help the world no matter how small it is. I am 66 and disabled/chronically ill, so my contribution has to be local and something I can physically do. I am working my dream. I also dream of traveling back to Italy which will probably never happen but the dreaming is fun. I also dream of traveling back in a motor home to see my son and my grand baby. I have not given up on that dream. One day we will have that motor home or a small shuttle bus that I can lay down in to travel. It will make it less painful for me to go to doctors and less painful to travel back east to see my son and his family and to see my aunt that I call “Mama”.

Work your dream, live your dream, and plan your dreams. We all have fears of what will happen if we do this or that but I think the bigger fear for me is will I spend my life always wondering what the dream might have been like had I taken the steps to work my dream. You are never too old to dream. The dreams might change some but you still can fulfill some dreams. I still dream of learning sign language, learning Spanish and probably my biggest dream is getting to walk again. I work that dream daily. I may not do it but I will leave this world knowing I tried every single day to take those steps to fulfill the dream of being up walking again.

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