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Do Not Sell Your Soul To The Devil

Simply danLrene signiaI read an interesting question the other day and it was “How much should I be willing to change for my spouse, partner, lover, friend, etc?  My response was that we all change some when we are in relationships but do not sell your soul to the devil to please someone else. Change little things but do not change the things that are you for you will only end up miserable.

I have seen people totally change themselves to please the other from clothes, to hairdo, to how they talked and acted and I just shuddered. We will always morph some around people but the inner part of us that is what makes us who we are, is not that easily transformed and it becomes an act.

I have had others want me to be something I was not and my first reaction is “Why? Am I not good enough how I am?”  I mean seriously, if you love me you should love me as I am, right?  I watch women struggle to be the skinny person a man wants, or the weak woman some men want, or the compliant friend some people want, etc and I watch them lose themselves day by day and the glow fades from them. I was that way at one time in my life always trying to please to be liked and then one day I realized  that those wanting me to change really did not care about me. It took having my heart trampled on and bruised for me to learn this.

Never sell your soul to the devil to marry someone, to date someone, to be lovers with or to just be friends with someone. You are more valuable than that and deserve to be loved for who you are warts and all. Changing small things is like watching a movie you really are not that interested in, going to a ball game you care nothing about but when you start trying to remodel inside the person you are you are only damaging yourself. Never be so desperate to have someone in your life that you compromise yourself. Love yourself as you are and expect others to do the same. Always be true to yourself first.

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