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Are You Safe Or Free?

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I can remember a time many years ago when I was afraid to dream. I was afraid it would never come true. I was afraid that something bad would go wrong. I was afraid I would make a bad choice or decision. I was afraid of what people would say. I was afraid I would lose everything I owned. And then one day, my health plummeted and I almost died. And it was then I realized that none of the things above mattered even if I lost everything. They are just things and can be replaced. And I realized that if I never stepped out of that safe spot I kept myself in, I would never experience anything. What kind of life is that where you go through life never experiencing anything you dream of….just living and being safe. We have each been given talents and abilities and we can either live safely or we can use those abilities to grow and work to achieve our dreams honestly and ethically. But, I do believe we are expected to use our talents.

We each have talents and abilities. Along with those we each have dreams. We can live safely, neither increasing our talents or abilities nor increasing our chances of having our dreams come true or we can step out on faith and do our part. For my son and I that meant setting up a plan and working the dream to move out here.

Flying outside the box and being free takes courage. Sometimes that first step to go outside the box and work for your dreams is the hardest. It takes commitment and it takes being honest and ethical in all that you do. To really enjoy the feeling that comes when a dream is reached is amazing. And to know that you did it honestly and that you did your all to help make the dream come true and were willing to step outside the box to do it is even more amazing. Son and I would never have made it to Colorado had we not been willing to step out on faith. And believe me when I say, it takes courage to load all you have into U-haul trucks and head out across the country.

Flying outside the box, no matter why you do it is scary. But, you can do it. It comes down to deciding what is most important to you. Like I tell people all the time, if you are not willing to take the chance and do the work, then one should not complain that their dream did not come true.  There is a feeling of exhilaration that comes when you decide to fly outside the box that is closely akin to flying. It is such a wonderful feeling and when that dream hits and you know you have done your all, it is the ultimate dream come true even if you only get a piece of your dream.

You can stay at the bottom of the mountain. You can hide your talent or bury it in the back yard and never do your part and that is where you will always be. Or you can fly outside that box, do things with honor and integrity and have the dream of a lifetime. There will always be mountains to climb…the important thing is how you climb. Are you going to stay in the box safe?  Or are you gonna fly outside the box and feel the wind in your sails and reach for that dream? It is all about the climb and what you decide to do.

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  1. I get it. Struggling with myself at this very moment about what I “should be” doing.

    Comment by Shannon Hart | July 1, 2015 | Reply

    • You know Shannon, sometimes we hesitate because we do the what if’s…what if I fail…what if I lose every thing…what if what if. When we moved out here we finally said “well if we fail we start over…it is only things” I wish you luck on your journey. Don’t be afraid to step out.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | July 1, 2015 | Reply

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