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Labels Belong On Soup Cans

Simply danLrene signialabelsAs I lay in the dark in the early morning hours just thinking, this question came to mind.  “Can you define or describe yourself without using labels that divide us?”  This question comes from all the division we have in our country and the world. Certain words are descriptive without division such as “I am a loving person” but some words isolate segments of society and create a greater division between us as we have seen recently. The sad thing is the labels do not define who we are.

By labels,  I mean labels such as we see on government documents that we must fill out and other labels that are used to promote division. This does not mean we should not be proud of who we are, it simply means that when we divide ourselves by labels especially in a country that is supposed to be the melting pot, then our unity is not very strong. Being disabled does not define the person I am.

The labels I am talking about are things like race, religious or nonreligious beliefs, sex, sexual preference, size of a person’s body, abilities or disabilities (such as disabled, chronically ill, healthy), Looks (as in beautiful, ugly, etc), marital status, money status, political party, Job, Country (as in saying I am an American, Italian, Australian), etc.We see a lot of division right now in our country with labels even down to labels from the past wars.

Labels belong on food containers to tell us what is in the food. What we believe of ourselves by these labels like above can hold us back from being all we can be for a couple of reasons. One reason is that with labels, someone will always proclaim their label is better, or some will say this label is bad and so the division widens. And some people may believe the label put on them. I saw this with teaching when we got our new kids for the year and there were labels of all sorts in their files. I remember one child who was labeled as “slow” and as I worked with this child, I discovered he was not slow. He simply could not hear.

I tell people all the time that my name is not “Disabled”.  I identify myself with the words a quirky, funny, eclectic, happy, compassionate, caring, slow to anger, a hippy, country girl and most of all a God-loving person. I am strong, enduring, hard-working and creative.  Can you describe yourself or define yourself without using labels?

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  1. I understand Deb! I agree with you with my entire being! I have serious health issues now, living back in Maryville. I have my 83 year old Mother living with us (me and my husband Scott) and my oldest daughter has to spend a lot of time taking care of Mother when I can’t or have one of my many doctor appointments. Suzanne is working on starting her own on-line bookkeeping business so she can do it anywhere–her apartment or at our house. You are helping me cope with my own problems and I always remember you in my prayers! Thanks for sharing these blogs! I love you, Rhon

    Comment by Rhonda | July 17, 2015 | Reply

    • Rhonda…I am sorry about all the health issues. I have been off the blog for a bit due to that but back again. Yes, I know what it is like to have our elderly parents to care for and that alone is draining. I am glad you have your daughter. Just remember to take care of you or as a friend of mine tells me “put your own oxygen on first or you can not help anyone else” and take breaks away from it all so you can refuel. It is hard dealing with health issues and elderly parents and all the rest.Laugh a lot Rhonda and thank you for reading my blogs. Know you are in my prayers and I do believe in prayer. Remember when we can’t …God can. Hugs and more hugs to you just cause I think when we are like this we need them. love you too.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | July 17, 2015 | Reply

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