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Tiny Flicker In The Dark


The world spinning, me still laying here
black clouds rolling so very, very near
The monster of fire, sweat drops on head
avalanches of snow piling on my bed
explosions of thunder and daggars in the sky
a concert of pain forces me to comply
The thief in the night creeps in like the fog
devours all my light like a voracious dog
cannot live in the dark, my spirit cries in vain
darkness is a big pit, I speak to explain
Darkness the cloak that hides life away
destroys all hope to live another day
The irony is realizing I hold the only key
a tiny flicker of light that no one can see
That flicker in the dark shines across the miles
That thing called hope that allows all my smiles

danLrene 2015

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  1. “a tiny flicker of light that no one can see” Stated so well. Irony, indeed. If only everyone could see theirs. HUGS

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | July 17, 2015 | Reply

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