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my logoAnyone that reads my blog knows that I have some serious health issues I deal with. The past seven months has been a time of great struggle for me because not only do I have my illnesses and conditions resulting from those illnesses to deal with but my spine became so severe back at the end of December that walking became and now is impossible and the pain has been so strong it is like having a train blow its horn right beside me.

I am trying to keep up with my blogs but to be honest, some days that seems like an impossibility. It is very hard to have coherent thoughts when the pain is so severe that even with pain management and medications, I lay here with tears running down my face that I can not stop because the pain is shrieking. So, I spend a lot of my time finding that one spot….that one place within and without where I can get relief from the pain in small amounts and just “be”.

I have dealt with pain…severe pain…for so many years that my doctors are amazed that I handle it so well. I have learned to deal with the constant, high pain and live with a certain amount of pain that pain medications and having multiple procedures like Radio Frequency Ablation do not relieve. I am going to insert the link to my blog on how to rate your pain below for I feel it might help those that deal with chronic pain in talking with their own doctors. This blog link below is my most read blog of all which tells me many in this world suffer with pain.

Pain impacts our lives in ways that people who have a backache, migraine, etc every so often do not understand. Those are severe enough pain alone that a person must live with.Chronic “High” pain is not the same thing as even having a broken bone for those that can be immobilized and eventually heal. Even people with severe migraines ….eventually the medicine helps or the migraine ends. The kind of chronic high pain that I deal with never heals, never goes away or down below a level of 6 which is listed on the pain chart in my blog post above as “Intense” and interfering with your life” and my pain lately usually hovers around a pain level of 7 and sometimes an 8 even with medication.

And so lately, I spend my time laying flat on my back in this hospital bed just trying to ride through it as much as possible. I was asked why I did not just have surgery. The truth is I am listed as someone who is not a good candidate for surgery and extremely high risk. It may come to the point I say do the surgery anyway and I will take the high risk of dying. But right now, I still want to live and be here. The past few weeks have been arduous trips an hour and some more than an hour one way to doctors for visits, medical procedures at the hospital or tests. This is when I still dream of having that mini bus where a bed can be built into the back to transport me with less pain.

And so I ask you all to be bear with me. Please do not give up on me writing for there are actually moments where I can put my thoughts together in my own fashion for you all to read. Each step in this journey of intense pain requires me to adjust in some fashion so that I can find that little bit of balance to help me write once again. I thank you all who have remained with me on my journey for your clicks of “like” or your comments whether public or behind the scenes inspire me to keep going…to keep fighting. I learned a long time ago that while this can be a very lonely journey, that if I allow myself to connect to the internet by writing blogs or my little time on Facebook gives me the feeling that so many of you are right here talking to me.

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  1. As always, I am thinking of you and sending you my love.

    Comment by Lee Ann | July 31, 2015 | Reply

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