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Have You Checked Your Vitamin F Lately?

my logoSomeone sent me a story about Vitamin F and I loved it. So, how is your Vitamin F doing? Mine is up there on the charts and I hope yours is too because if your Vitamin F gets low, life becomes extremely difficult. Life is hard enough and even harder when you have a lot of health problems but I realized a long time ago that it was up to me to be in control of how I felt.  I have choices and I can either sit  and worry about all this medical stuff, how will I endure it, exacerbate my fears of all the tests, surgeries and new procedures that they want to perform on us, etc or I can change my view. So, I am changing my view to Vitamin F and making sure I have a high enough dose to keep me going.

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I did not like all the fearful tests and painful experiences I was hearing from doctors and so I decided I needed to change my perspective for a better experience. And what better perspective than looking at my Vitamin F levels.

Vitamin F stands for “Family and Friends”.  Everyone and especially chronically ill people need social contact and need people who really care about them in their life. Sometimes we can isolate ourselves and deny ourselves this wonderful “vitamin” of life. I had to learn to trust after having trust broken so many times in my life. I had to learn to reach out to others and allow them in my life. And yes, sometimes you get hurt badly when you do that but it is the only way to raise your Vitamin F.

And now, my Vitamin F quotient is high and I love it. Friends and Family can help reduce stress, alleviate fears, comfort our hearts, lift us up, encourage us, make us laugh, cry with us, hold our hands when we are scared, and over all make our lives so much better. It is not like we want them to baby us 24/7. We just want them to let us know they care and be there in the darkest moments. If one of the Vitamin F’s is rated as  high stress, just reduce the dosage. *wink*

So, now I am focusing on my blessings instead of my fears and that makes a world of difference. I changed my view and that changed my outlook on life. Years back I spent too much time worrying about how to fix what I really could not fix. I changed to putting that in my Creator’s hands and focusing on what I could change. And the biggest thing I could change was my attitude.

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