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Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody lives

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I believe we all have an expiration date on us. No one knows the date but it is there. So, it is true that we all die. But, another truth is that while we all die, we do not all live our lives like we should. Some people do not know the meaning of living your life. They just manage to exist but existing is not the same thing as living.

Life is meant to be lived. Some people get more extravagant lives but I do not think you have to be wealthy, healthy, or anything else to actually live life. You can be like me, limited basically to this one room where people help me do just about everything I need to do from the most intimate down to the fixing of my hair in styles that I do not even like. But I do not just exist. I live and I live with hope and happiness. No, I do not like being this sick but I have two choices….either accept it and find the joy anyway or find a solution to fix it. Truth is my health can not be fixed so that means I accept my health and I find ways to make my life happy.

In order to “live” life, we have to tend to our garden of hopes and dreams. I remember one time having a difficult struggle after having had lung surgery and part of my lung removed and then later kidney surgery via a partial Nephrectomy. It was two extremely hard surgeries and took me almost a year to fully heal from each one. During that time I failed to tend my garden of hopes and dreams and thought all my dreams were lost. One day I came across a list I called my bucket list and as I sat reading it, it dawned on me that I had not lost my hopes and dreams. They had just been derailed for a while.

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Many people think it is silly to have hopes and dreams but I have learned some older than dirt wisdom and that is that just the act of hoping or dreaming brings joy to our lives even if we never reach the dream. I want so badly to go back to Italy and sit in the outside cafes and drink cappuccino and talk to a friend that lives over there. I love the history and art in Italy. It is everywhere and the architecture is amazing. So dream and think about things you want to do. It is fun and brings joy that makes our life brighter.

Live your life and start by looking for the good things in life. Take a chance. For me, riding outside in my power chair just to sit and look at my flowers drains me but when I am able, I take the chance and do it because it brings me such joy. Dream more, worry less, nurture that flame of hope inside you and live. Breathe in all around you no matter where you are. Sometimes I find joy in just sitting and watching people and laugh out loud at their exuberance and sheer joy in life. I pray that you learn how to live life and not just exist for we only get one shot at living life.

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